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Скачать Rich Dad's Advisors: Own Your Own Corporation бесплатно

Rich Dad's Advisors: Own Your Own Corporation
Hachette Audio | ISBN: 1600242871 | 2008-06-26 | MP3 | 73 Mb

Garrett Sutton's Own Your Own Corporation has become the resource to turn to to learn how you as a private citizen can take advantage of incorporating yourself and your business. As we now know, such a move can not only save you thousands and thousands of dollars in taxes, but can also protect your home, savings and family assets from the potential attack of creditors. But since the book's publication in 2001, changes in tax laws and other important regulations have been made that affect those pursuing or having corporation status. Now, in a newly revised and updated edition, readers will find the same indispensible and timeless advice (on topics ranging from management control and avoiding disputes to flexibility of decision-making) and a highly accessible breakdown of all the latest pertinent legal developments and how they affect you.


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