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Скачать Lucky or Smart? : Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life (Audiobook) бесплатно

Bo Peabody, "Lucky or Smart? : Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life (Audiobook)"
Listen & Live Audio 2005 | ISBN-10: 1593160453 | 1 Hour 49 Minutes | MP3 | 101 MB

From Booklist
Peabody, a successful entrepreneur, offers a guide to those thinking of starting their own business. We learn that while we cannot create luck in our everyday lives, we can create it in business. Lucky things happen to entrepreneurs who start fundamentally innovative, morally compelling, and philosophically positive companies, creating something interesting and valuable rather than strictly seeking money. A mission communicated with charisma and passion will attract and inspire smart people who work hard; in that environment, the entrepreneur must be smart enough to stay out of the way and let luck happen. Treat other people fairly and give them clear action plans and latitude to exercise creativity. Other advice from the author: control your ego, always remain gracious no matter what the situation, and B students become entrepreneurs while A students become managers. This small book is a terrific roadmap for prospective entrepreneurs as well as corporate executives who want to replicate the spirit and creativity found in successful new ventures. A great read.




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