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Скачать A Day in the Life of Jeff (a Man) бесплатно

2 июня 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

A Day in the Life of Jeff (a Man)
ESLPOD | 2007 | American English | PDF + MP3 | 74 pages | 3 hours 31 minutes | 120 MB

Course Description
This course contains 10 lessons that describe each part of a typical day of a man. Follow Jeff as he gets up in the morning, gets ready for work, drives to work, works in the office, goes to the market, returns home, does household chores, and goes to bed.
In each lesson, you'll learn common and useful vocabulary for everyday things and situations

“A Day in the Life of Jeff (a Man)” is designed to work together with “A Day in the Life of Lucy (a Woman)” to help you learn daily English in the most effective way. About 50% of the vocabulary is repeated in the other course to allow you to see how the vocabulary is used in two different situations, and to reinforce what you have learned in the first course. The other 50% of the vocabulary is not used in the other course, and lets you learn even more language used in different kinds of daily situations.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Both courses are for anyone who wants to learn how to do and talk about daily things in English.

Audio for Each Lesson

Part 1 – Listen to the story (slow)
Part 2 – Listen to the explanation of the story and vocabulary
Part 3 – Listen to the story at native-speaker rate (fast)

Learning Guide for Each Lesson:

Part 1 – Glossary:
a) Definitions of vocabulary
b) Sample sentences using vocabulary
Part 2 – Transcript of the entire lesson with every word spoken in the lesson
The 10 lessons are:
Lesson 1 – Getting Up
Lesson 2 – Cleaning Up
Lesson 3 – Eating Breakfast
Lesson 4 – Getting Dressed and Ready for Work
Lesson 5 – The Commute to Work
Lesson 6 – At My Desk, on Break, and at Lunch
Lesson 7 – The Commute Home and Running Errands
Lesson 8 – Making and Eating Dinner, and Washing Up
Lesson 9 – Relaxing, the Mail, and the Trash
Lesson 10 – Getting Ready for Bed and Going to Sleep


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