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Скачать The Teaching Company: Apostle Paul [Audio Lectures] бесплатно

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The Teaching Company: Apostle Paul [Audio Lectures]
mp3 | 12 lectures | 30 minutes every lectures | 32 kbps | 84 Mb

Historian Luke Timothy Johnson, the best-selling author of The Real Jesus, offers a fresh and historically grounded assessment of the life and letters of Christianity's "apostle to the Gentiles" in this 12-lecture series. "One of the most fascinating, important, and controversial figures in the religious history of the West, Paul the Apostle continues to find champions and detractors, sometimes in surprising places," says Professor Johnson. Coming to grips with Christianity means coming to grips with Paul. There is no figure aside from Jesus himself who is more important to the history of this world religion, and no figure from the age of the early church about whom we know more or of whom we have a more rounded view.
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Taught by: Luke Timothy Johnson, Emory University, Ph.D., Yale University
Course Lecture Titles
1. An Apostle Admired and Despised
2. How Should We Read Paul?
3. Paul’s Life and Letters
4. Problems of Early Christianity
5. First and Second Thessalonians
6. Life in the World—First Corinthians
7. Life in Christ—Second Corinthians
8. Life and Law—Galatians
9. Life and Righteousness—Romans
10. Fellowship—Letters from Captivity
11. History and Theology
12. Paul’s Influence



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