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31 июля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

John Kehoe | Audio book | English | wma/128KB | 230 MB

The Mind Power Training Home Study Program - learn the essential tools needed to manifest the life you’ve always wanted.
What would a happy and meaningful life look like to you? Is it financial abundance you want? How about spiritual enlightenment? Vigorous health? Maybe you would like all of these things, and why not? Whatever life circumstances you choose for yourself, you can achieve them using Mind Power.

Over the past thirty years John Kehoe has taught millions of people how to lead happy and successful lives and he can teach you. Now each of us defines success in our own way. For some it means making a lot of money. For others it is winning a sporting championship or excelling at a vocation. Still others find success in raising a family, devoting themselves to a worthy cause, travelling the world or becoming an artist. Each of us decides what success is to us, and that is how it should be. Whatever your vision of success is, you can achieve it; you can achieve anything you put your mind to once you understand Mind Power.

Now, finally, the 4-week Mind Power Training is available in a home study format consisting of 10 CDs. Designed to produce optimal results, the Home Study Program allows participants to gain direct, individual access to John Kehoe as he offers clear, explicit training over four weekly sessions designed to awaken your inner powers. Just as you would go to the gym and work with a personal trainer, John Kehoe takes you to the inner sanctums of your mind and teaches you step by step how to exercise and apply potent techniques and principles to maximize your personal power. To realize the full benefits of this program students are expected to commit 20 – 30 minutes a day during the training, practicing the Mind Power exercises.

You will learn about:

• The dynamics of thought and the mind
• The conscious mind: what it is, how it works both for and against us
• The six laws of the mind
• How to influence the outside environment with your thoughts
• The inner and outer worlds of our reality
• Understanding negatives and why they have so much power over us
• Techniques for eliminating negatives
• Cultivating the conscious mind
• Creating thought forms
• Understanding and using visualization techniques effectively
• How to concentrate easily and effectively
• Seeding your thoughts
• Working with vibrations to create your reality
• Removing power from undesirable conditions
• Affirmations: how they work and how to properly use them
• The power of decision, action and persistence
• Charging your cells with life force
• Using Mind Power to create success and abundance
• Using your intuition to solve problems
• The inner dynamics of achieving any goal
• Steps for influencing the subconscious mind
• Getting answers from the subconscious mind
• Using your imagination and the subconscious to create your reality
• Creating thought vibrations that work day and night
• Creating new and empowering beliefs in your subconscious
• Discovering your full potential through new, creative methods of living
• Becoming your vision


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