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Скачать Vocal Coach - Complete Breathing by Chris and Carol Beatty бесплатно

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Vocal Coach - Complete Breathing by Chris and Carol Beatty
Audiobook | English | Vocal Coach 1996 | ASIN: B0006ABO54 | MP3 44100 Hz 128 kbps | 1 hour | 52.2 Mb

Ever run short of breath? Have trouble reaching those high notes? The Complete Breathing CD is the beginning of your solution.

Chris and Carole Beatty are the Vocal Coaches to Christian Music. Over the past 30 years thousands of touring artists, choir members, soloists and teens worldwide have been helped through their life-changing products and workshops. Whether you sing Bach, Rock, CCM, Alternative or Southern Gospel these tools will help you maximize and maintain a healthy voice for life. Better known to the thousands of students they have worked with for over three decades as "The Vocal Coaches," Chris and Carole have been instrumental in developing or preserving the voices of such renowned artists and speakers as Dan Hazeltine of Jars of Clay, Caedmon's Call, Country singer Pam Tillis, Cheri Keaggy, Pastor Jack Hayford, Steve Green, Twila Paris, Dallas Holm, Kim Hill, Tony Vincent, The Second Chapter of Acts, Steve Archer, The Continental Singers and many others.

Chris and Carole's roots in music and the arts are as deep as their commitment to witnessing their faith to everyone they train. Chris is the son of a voice teacher and the nephew of the internationally acclaimed composer Samuel Barber (Adagio for Strings). His many years of experience with The Chicago Symphony Chorus, Lyric Opera, Norman Luboff Choir, Ray Coniff Singers, and Kay Star Show have given him an appreciation and adeptness for the rich tapestry of all forms of vocal stylings. Chris' formal training in voice came at Northern Illinois University, the Chicago Musical College of Roosevelt University, and with legendary choral director Margaret Hillis and voice teacher Harvey Ringel. Chris is also a gifted composer who has drafted such now classic worship hymns as Holy Ground, Holy Are You Lord, and You Are Worthy. Carole's background in dance, movement and ministry has given her keen insight into all levels of performance and presentation. Together their diverse talents and backgrounds have made them indispensable instructors to countless famous, and not-so-famous, vocalists.

Complete Breathing

Posture Part 1
Posture Part 2
Breathing Begins
Breathing Part 2/Side Expansion
Breathing Part 3/Back Expansion
Breathing Initial Exercises
Breathing Part 4
Extended Exercise Introduction
Exercise 1 Mum
Exercise 2 Ha Ha
Exercise 3 Mee May Mah
Exercise 4 Mee May Mah Moh Moo
Exercise 5 He He
Exercise 6 Nu Wah
Exercise 7 He Yah
Exercise 8 Mum Mum
Exercise 9 1 & 2...13
Exercise 10 1 & 2.....17
Exercise 11 1 & 2.....25
Exercise 12 Mee May Mah Mee Moh Mee Moo Mee Mah Ha
Kids Vocal Rap

Ever run short of breath? Have trouble reaching those high notes? The Complete Breathing CD is the beginning of your solution. Singers who learn good breath control can sing higher, lower and for longer periods of time without hurting the voice. Efficient breathing also opens the door to vocal excellence... in all musical styles. The principles and exercises in this CD will condition your mind and breathing muscles. You will soon be getting the right amount of air for each phrase. No more. No less. This will help you relax and focus on the message, not on whether you will have enough breath. Join us for this exciting and fulfilling journey into the world of breathing. The fun and challenging accompanied exercises will take you to that next level of vocal effeciency.

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