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Скачать In Detail 1 - English for Global Communication (Book + 2CD) бесплатно

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In Detail 1 - English for Global Communication (Book + 2CD)
Isobel Rainey de Diaz | 2003 | PDF+MP3 | 142 MB

IN DETAIL is a two-level integrated skills course designed to develop and solidify the language skills that intermediate and advanced learners need outside the English language classroom. Developed for a multiskills syllabus which integrates communicative, grammatical, and critical thinking objectives, IN DETAIL uses a spiraled approach to provide extensive review, reinforcement, and expansion of language skills.

* Explicit vocabulary development occurs throughout in dedicated vocabulary sections and within the reading, grammar, and writing sections.
* Step-by-step reading development includes vocabulary and critical thinking skills work.
* Level-appropriate listening tasks further integrate the topic while expanding the skills needed in both academic and real-life situations.
* Strong speaking focus provides abundant opportunities for learners to develop their thoughts, offer their opinions, and collaborate with others through pair and group discussions.
* Carefully-organized writing development sections allow learners to improve their skills through practical activities that incorporate models and thought-organizing processes.
* Strategies and tips guide learners to take charge of their own learning.
* Video Worksheets offer pre- and post-viewing activities that maximize the cultural and linguistics richness of the CNN video component.
* Strong teacher support package includes the ExamView test generating software.
Table of content:
1. Fashion
2. Couples
3. Music
4. Soccer
5. Travel
6. Communication
7. Dancing
8. Landmarks
9. Movies
10. Risk
11. Friends
12. Television

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