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Скачать Player Supreme - 7 Steps Program бесплатно

9 сентября 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Player Supreme - 7 Steps Program
English | MP3 64Kbps | 1Gb


My name is Chris Arnett aka Player Supreme. I am a player of women and I am the real thing. I have slept with over 130 women since I became a player. I have dated models, aerobic instructors, and women from all walks of life.
When I came on line back in the late 90's, I was shocked at how many so called guru's were pushing all of these e-books (of which I purchased a ton of them) that were totally crap. I saw outrageous ads stating how they were short, fat, balding, broke and went from total geeks to total pimps dating six foot tall models.
Yeah right!
How many of you have seen those ads? Better yet how many of you got suckered in by them?
I finally got mad and started my own website after being banned from sites for exposing the real truth of the game.
Look, let me frank with you, as I said above I am a real player. I know the real game of playing women and how to get laid. I have been helping guys all over the world get laid! I finally wrote my first manual on how to actually be a player.
Let me share with you the real truth about the life of a player and how you too can sleep with over 100 women!
If You're Ready To Start Meeting And DATING
This Might Just Be
The Most Important Manual You'll Ever Read!
Let me show you some of the things I will teach you:
* How to talk to women in a way that will turn them on! (pg 84)
* Over 15 different conversational styles besides just open ended questions! (pg 86)
* How to drive a woman crazy in bed till she can't cum anymore! (pg 112)
* How to use oral sex the right way without wearing out your jaws! (pg 115)
* How to improve your self confidence and self esteem so that women will be begging to date you! (pg 33)
* How to boost your sex drive with five 2,000 year old exercises that you can do at home!
(pg 118)
* Tons of exercises! Tons of audio files! Tons of video links!
* This course comes with it's audio version of the manual. Learn while you drive!

That isn't all:
* I will teach you how to spot available women when you walk into a night club! (pg 80)
* I will teach you how to dress like a player so that you will turn heads! (pg 55)
* I have 3 audio self hypnosis programs to improve your self confidence and chrisma!
* I will show you step by step my systme that will get you laid by the 8th step! (pg 164)
* How to pick out target females who are just waiting to get laid! (pg 68)
* Over 50 ways to spot a womans interest in you! (pg 70)
* What women really say about alpha males! (pg 111)
* I will share with you my own special sex techniques that are guaranteed to bring a woman to a orgasm no matter what your dick size is! (pg 103)

No I am not done yet:

The Infamous Pimposphies audio files

Let me teach you about the pimp game:
* Clout
* Stacking Evidence
* Observation
* Front
* Marquee
* Finish
* Guilty Plea
* Take your Time
* Tons of information that I learned from the pimp game!
* Learn the secrets today!
* 40 different downloads so BEWARE!
* Order now!

I still am not done yet.
Let me show you even more bonus audio files:
* Develop Enthusiasm and Charisma!
* 25 Steps to Powerful Self Esteem!
* Conversations with women on eye contact!
* More development than you can shake a stick at!

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