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Скачать Steptoe And Son - Complete Radio Series + Extras бесплатно

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Steptoe And Son - Complete Radio Series + Extras
Audiobook | BBC7 via DVB-T | Imprint unknown (August 1, 2000) | English | ISBN: n/a | Runtime: 52 x 30 min + extras | MP3 128Kbps | 1,38GB

Steptoe and Son is a British sitcom written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson about two rag and bone men living in Oil Drum Lane, a fictional street in Shepherd's Bush, London. Four series were broadcast on the BBC from 1962 to 1965, followed by a second run from 1970 to 1974. Its theme tune, "Old Ned", was composed by Ron Grainer. In a 2004 BBC poll to find Britain's Best Sitcom of all time, Steptoe and Son was voted 15th. It was remade in the US as Sanford and Son.

The father, Albert Steptoe (portrayed by Wilfrid Brambell), is lazy, stubborn, narrow-minded, foul-mouthed, and has revolting personal habits. Albert is content with his place in the world, utterly unpretentious and downright cynical. He can be extremely vindictive and does everything he can to prevent Harold, his son, improving himself — especially if it means him leaving home.

Harold (played by Harry H. Corbett) is also obstinate, though prone to moments of enthusiasm about an idea. He wants to move up in the world — most of all to escape from the family home and his stifling relationship with his father. Harold has aspirations. He likes to see his business as being in antiques rather than junk. He is a dreamer and idealist. Politically, Harold is a Labour supporter who is appalled at his father's reactionary views. He aims to improve his mind and his social circle but always fails, often thanks to Albert's deliberate put-downs or sabotage. Harold's exasperation and disgust at his father's behaviour often results in his repeating the catchphrase "You dirty old man."

The episodes often revolve around (sometimes violent) disagreements between the two men, Harold's attempts to bed women and momentary interest over things found on his round. As with many of the best examples of British comedy, much of the humour derives from the pathos of the protagonists' situation, especially Harold's continually-thwarted (usually by the elder Steptoe) attempts to "better himself" and the unresolvable love/hate relationship that exists between the pair.

Steptoe And Son - S01 - E01 - The Offer
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E02 - The Bird
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E03 - Sixty-Five Today
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E04 - The Stepmother
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E05 - The Economist
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E06 - Wallah Wallah Catsmeat
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E07 - The Diploma
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E08 - Steptoe A La Cart
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E09 - The Holiday
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E10 - The Bath
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E11 - The Lead Man Cometh
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E12 - A Musical Evening
Steptoe And Son - S01 - E13 - The Bonds That Bind Us

Steptoe And Son - S02 - E01 - The Siege Of Steptoe Street
Steptoe And Son - S02 - E02 - Pilgrims Progress
Steptoe And Son - S02 - E03 - The Wooden Overcoats
Steptoe And Son - S02 - E04 - Sunday For Seven Days
Steptoe And Son - S02 - E05 - The Piano
Steptoe And Son - S02 - E06 - My Old Man's A Tory
Steptoe And Son - S02 - E07 - Homes Fit For Heroes
Steptoe And Son - S02 - E08 - Crossed Swords

Steptoe And Son - S03 - E01 - A Death In The Family
Steptoe And Son - S03 - E02 - Two's Company
Steptoe And Son - S03 - E03 - Tea For Two
Steptoe And Son - S03 - E04 - T.B, Or Not T.B.
Steptoe And Son - S03 - E05 - Without Prejudice
Steptoe And Son - S03 - E06 - Cuckoo In The Nest
Steptoe And Son - S03 - E07 - Steptoe And Son And Son
Steptoe And Son - S03 - E08 - Robbery With Violence

Steptoe And Son - S04 - E01 - Full House
Steptoe And Son - S04 - E02 - Is That Your Horse Outside
Steptoe And Son - S04 - E03 - The Lodger
Steptoe And Son - S04 - E04 - A Box In Town
Steptoe And Son - S04 - E05 - The Three Feathers
Steptoe And Son - S04 - E06 - The Colour Problem
Steptoe And Son - S04 - E07 - And Afterwards At ...
Steptoe And Son - S04 - E08 - Any Old Iron

Steptoe And Son - S05 - E01 - The Desperate Hours
Steptoe And Son - S05 - E02 - Come Dancing
Steptoe And Son - S05 - E03 - A Star Is Born
Steptoe And Son - S05 - E04 - A Winters Tale
Steptoe And Son - S05 - E05 - Men Of Property
Steptoe And Son - S05 - E06 - Men Of Letters

Steptoe And Son - S06 - E01 - Loathe Story
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E02 - Oh, What A Beautiful Mourning
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E03 - Live Now, P.A.Y.E Later
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E04 - Upstairs Downstairs, Upstairs Downstairs
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E05 - And So To Bed
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E06 - Porn Yesterday
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E07 - The Seven Steptoeri
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E08 - Sceance In A Wet Rag And Bone Yard
Steptoe And Son - S06 - E09 - A Christmas Holiday

Steptoe And Son - (Remake) - The Offer (cast: Freddie Jones, John Thomson)
Quite strange to hear this as it's played more straight than a comedy, and comes over quite dark in places. Best listened to after hearing the original.
Steptoe And Son At Buckingham Palace 10 minutes made for ?. (Royal Variety Show)
Steptoe And Son Down Under. Assume it was made Down Under as many big UK TV actors went to Australia to plug shows - More of a Stand-Up than a show.
Galton And Simpson Interview

This contains a large number of upgrades.
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