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Скачать James Axler - Outlanders (1 - 10) бесплатно

15 сентября 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

James Axler - Outlanders (1 - 10)
English | MP3 64Kbps | 3.3Gb

James Axler - Outlanders 01 Exile to Hell
America had barely survived the nuclear holocaust but two centuries later a new order emerges to inflict it's rule on the fortified cities. Beyond the walls are the outlands, where a fragile freedom remains.
Once a fearsome warrior of the new order, Kane discovers a secret that has damned humanity since the dawn of history. Now Banished as an enemy of the state, he joins forces with Brigid Baptiste, keeper of the archives, and Grant, brother-in-arms and innovative weapons specialist.
In the place that was once called New Mexico, Kane finds the first hidden clues to humanities future.

James Axler - Outlanders 02 - Destiny Run
Two centuries after the nuclear holocaust, fortified villes loom in the wastelands, imposing a menacing rule that's shaping the future.
As a warrior, Kane served the lords of the villes, but on a punitive expedition he'd caught a forbidden glimpse of the future that made him an outcast. In exile with him are Brigid Baptiste, golden keeper of the archives, and Grant, an only friend in a hostile land. Together they've sworn to uncover the secrets of the world's fate... as written in its dark past.
New clues hint that a terrifying piece of the puzzle is buried in the heart of Asia, where a descendant of the Great Khan wields awesome powers.

James Axler - Outlanders 03 - Savage Sun
Time hasn't stopped after the apocalypse. After the long nuclear winters, a few continue the struggle for survival in the irradiated wastelands. Then, a new order emerges, with a directive to destroy whatever freedom remains in its fortified enclaves and the surrounding Outlands. Kane, once its trusted and feared warrior, is now a fugitive driven to fathom the past and unravel the future.
On the Emerald Isle, stone megaliths guard the old ways and the people who returned to them. In this cradle of Celtic lore, Kane searches for clues to the fateful enmity that shadows their hopes. But not even his fierce will nor Brigid Baptiste's empathy for the ancient ways and Grant's warrior instincts prepares them for an encounter with a woman whose ancient earth magic and other world technology bring them shatteringly close to the truth.

James Axler - Outlanders 04 - Omega Path
A dark and unfathomable power governs post-nuclear America. Its tentacles reach from the heart of the garrison—ruled cities to the lawless Outlands where a last bid for freedom remains. A former warrior of the secretive regime, Kane has become a fugitive of the order he once served, racing to expose the blueprint of a power that's immeasurable evil.
Kane's quest allies him with fellow outcasts Brigid Baptiste and Grant, all willing to risk the peril of seeking the truth. In a pre-apocalyptic New York City, hope lies in their ability to reach one young man who can perhaps alter the future. But history, as they'd been taught it, does not exist. And now shadowy figures are aware of their purpose and have targeted them for destruction.

James Axler - Outlanders 05 - Parallax Red
A former Magistrate in the grim world of post-holocaust America, Kane cuts his ties to the ruling order and its launched on a reluctant quest to uncover the truth about a bitter enmity that haunts humanity. He knows the answer is out there—beyond the garrisoned cities, the Outlands' hell zones, the ancient seats of planetary power.
Barely ahead of a Grudge task force, Kane and his fellow exiles venture from Cerberus redoubt to the hell zones and other global hot spots via the Mat-trans units.
But something truly shocking is lying in wait for them at their next stop, a pre-dark space station. For here time is running down, close to zero hour of a deadly plan devised long ago that would also swallow the Earth whole.

James Axler - Outlanders 06 - Doomstar Relic
The passage of time hasn't healed the ravages of the nukecaust, but where once there was only the Deathlands, new centres of power loom above the domain of the unwanted, the hell zones of the Outlands. Though the outlanders distrust and hate the rulers of the fortified villes, even they wouldn't dare imagine the megalithic power guiding their destiny.
Born and bred as an enforcer of the villes, Kane is now a renegade who has seen enough of the truth to make him scared for the future. Along with his fellow exiles from Cobaltville, he must unravel the net of lies that has ensnared humanity. Now they must race to reverse an irresistible force unleashed by one man's quest for power.
In the outlands, there is nothing left to lose except the future...

James Axler - Outlanders 07 - Iceblood
Just after the second millennium a global nuclear war had transformed America into the Deathlands. Nothing was ever the same after that...
Deep in the Outlands, in Cerberus redoubt, Kane, a renegade Magistrate from the united baronies, experiences a shocking mind probe. It imprints him with a knowledge that propels him to the other side of the world, with the archivist Brigid and brother-at-arms Grant.
In the heart of Tibet, Kane's small group of Outlanders wages a perilous quest pursuing a legend, only to discover they are not alone in their search for the Chintamani Stone. The ancient relic has the power to conduct the final assault on the earth's destiny... or destroy the destroyers themselves.
Survival in the Outlands is an encounter with the end of hope.

James Axler - Outlanders 08 - Hellbound Fury
The nuclear blasts at the turn of the millennium have touched humanity with the cold breath of extinction, and the exiles from the centers of power realize that the odds for survival haven't changed greatly under the new order...
A former enforcer for the new lords, Kane found shelter in Cerberus Redoubt, along with the archivist Brigid and fellow magistrate Grant. They know that unseen forces guard an ancient secret, which has thrown a dark shroud over the future. Behind them stands the impenetrable past. But all that changes when they are suddenly catapulted into another reality—and here, as they attempt to remake the future, the enemy races to turn time into a weapon of destruction.
(The Lost Earth Saga - Book #1 of 3)

James Axler - Outlanders 09 - Night Eternal
An ex-soldier of the new order that seized power in the post-holocaust world of America now ventures beyond the Outlands, face-to-face with other shocking realities...
Kane and his fellow Outlanders are thrown into a world where the nuclear war never happened but a clandestine war rages on against the sinister forces that still rule humanity. Here, this deadly spectre has openly revealed itself—as mankind's great benefactors. As Kane and his band meld with their doubles in this new reality, their quest to change history is confronted by ultimate evil.
(The Lost Earth Saga - Book #2 of 3)

James Axler - Outlanders 10 - Outer Darkness
His new world born out of the fire and ashes of a nuclear exchange, a rogue warrior searches for ways to undo the past. With brother-in-arms Grant and the archivist Brigid Baptist, he dares to seek out the secrets of time...
Kane and his fellow exiles are thrown into a reality where the nukecaust didn't happen—instead, the inhabitants had driven the enemy from the planet. But now the dark forces are back for a final confrontation in a war that may bring the ultimate freedom or final destruction.
(The Lost Earth Saga - Book #3 of 3)

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