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Скачать Brandon Sanderson - Elantris бесплатно

18 сентября 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Brandon Sanderson - Elantris
English | MP3 64Kbps | 550Mb

Experience the stunning debut novel of critically acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson. Delve into a timeless world of magic, and creation where tyrants rule and heroes battle the ever present darkness.

Elantris paints a vivid picture of a realm that has fallen from grace, a city that sits on the edge of destruction and seeks to recapture the lush grandeur it once enjoyed. Sanderson proves that he is truly a master of his craft as he creates a grand and fully realized new world, with its very own mythos and magic.

The story is realized through the point of view of the three main characters; the fallen prince, the steadfast princess, and the tireless conqueror. Through their interactions with both each other and the world around them, the listener will experience a beautiful tale of the fall from grace, and the road to redemption. Along the way the listener will question what it means to be a hero, and what it truly means to have faith.

We invite you to experience a world without rival, created by one of the greatest minds in fantasy today, and brought to life by the unparalleled excellence of GraphicAudio. Come and experience Elantris.


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