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Скачать Caroline Myss - The Sacred Contract of America (Repost) бесплатно

17 января 2010 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Caroline Myss - The Sacred Contract of America
Fulfilling the Vision of Our Mystic Founders
Audiobook | ISBN 1591796067 | September 2007 | MP3 128 kbps | 4 CDs | 224 MB

Just as every individual possesses a "sacred contract"—an obligation to fulfill a divine destiny—so too does every nation hold an agreement made for the planet’s highest good. So begins Caroline Myss on her inspirational call to action, The Sacred Contract of America. In this provocative 4-CD session, she sends you an invitation to reconnect with America’s original vision of freedom and power, holding a beacon that illuminates:
  • How your Sacred Contract is woven into that of your nation—and how to maintain both as a conscious citizen.
  • The Bill of Rights as the seed of global self-esteem.
  • The steps needed to rescue America from its shadow.
  • The twelve major archetypes of America, including the Mystic, the Visionary, the Entrepreneur-Philanthropist, and the Rebel-Warrior—and the return of the historical figures who embodied them.
From its inception, Caroline Myss explains, the United States has been a great spiritual experiment—an unprecedented evolutionary step forward for human civilization that is both magnificent in its promise and perilous in its dangers. With The Sacred Contract of America, this modern-day patriot offers you an impassioned guide to actively participate in resurrecting your nation’s highest potential.

CD 1
A surprisingly tearful Myss shares that she was deeply influenced by her Marine father, bemoaning that his era clung to a patriotism that stood for ideals, not for what it could get out of things. Claiming an ardency for history (and sneering at those that find little use for the topic, saying "to not know history is to not have a compass"), she stresses that she wants to make this information available now because "we are at a collision of the sky gods" and that "America has dropped the ball on its own sacred contract."

Myss goes on to discuss how a country's archetypes are a collection of mythologies that shape culture, its people, art--everything. For example, England has the royalty archetypes...but if someone puts on airs in America, they'd be asked "Who do you think you ARE?" (because America doesn't have royal archetypes.)

She then wades into murky waters by asserting that Washington was visited by apparitions in his time of need, and then saying that a "channel" told her that she was Deborah Franklin reincarnated (she twittered that she thinks she's more likely the reincarnation of Mrs. Jefferson...)

CD 2
Myss begins to explain that all contracts begin with the energy of the four survival archetypes, and notes that all choices based on controlling others will eventually collapse because it's against "Cosmic Law". She then dissects these four archetypes in light of America's history. She connects the Child archetype with decision making and running to a "surrogate parent" to avoid Guidance, as well as how materialistic Americans will "sell" chunks of themselves for more "stuff".

One of the consequences of America's isolationism, she points out, is that they can't comprehend that they're victimizers (Victim). Being addicted to capitalism, including how we view and approach God, formulates "dark plans" in the back rooms of politics, casting the shadow of the Saboteur.

Although she eventually says that we are extraordinarily powerful as humans (especially Americans), she spits out that "Humans are PREDATORS. Stop treating humans as enlightened beings. We are NOT. We are a predatorial, murdering species."

Observing that "there's a real soullessness among Americans, she ones again beats the "New Age spawned narcissists" drum, and also busts on the use of Hummers and SUV's as well as the fact that talk of God (and ethics) were kicked out of the classroom.

CD 3
Myss begins to describe the eight archetypes unique to America, beginning with Visionary, Mystic, Rebel-Warrior, and Slave-Master. Noting the incredible innovation of Americans, she says any limits on what Americans can achieve are largely self-imposed. However, the shadow of the Visionary is enormous--especially when individuals envision ways to harm and control others.

She then goes on to say "Who really knows what the real scoop is behind half of the events that really happened because, behind the scenes, men were envisioning what they could accomplish with the power they acquired." (Perhaps Myss doesn't make the connection that many of us are uninterested in history precisely BECAUSE it's the victors who write--and re-write--history.)

Passionate about history and the "extraordinary" founding fathers (a terms that she uses repeatedly), she says--several times--that she "shivers with rage when she hears someone say `I don't bother voting'."

She also connects America's "God" with Puritanism and practicality, including viewing God as a "producer" and a "working man's God". She dives deep into the Civil War, showing how the thread of the Rebel weaves into America's fabric--and how this archetype (as well as others) has been anesthetized since the 1960's. She also follows the thread of the Master/Slave, including abolition, the suffragists and women's lib.

She ends Disc 3 scolding listeners to "watch the news", sniping that saying "I don't listen to the news...it's too negative" is a cowardly cop-out.

CD 4
Myss then teaches on the American Mother archetype, as well as the Pioneer-Hero, Entrepreneur-Philanthropist, and the Judge. This was, for me, the most valuable CD of the series (and well worth the price of the entire Sacred Contract of America set). She connects how anorexia and bulimia--as well as female cancers--are associated with the "perfect women" archetypes proffered by the media.

America is obsessed with youth, she says, and teenagers are doing ads for anti-aging products! She wisely observes that while the 60's were *supposed* to be a time of liberation (and in some respects, it was), there was now the pressure to go out and work WHILE being a mother. She says that American women are "powerhouses" that have forgotten their freedom--that they forgot what it truly means to be "liberated" (i.e., not giving a damn what others think of your choices and lifestyle).

She ends The Sacred Contract of America with an inspirational, impassioned plea to "fall in love with your nation again--with the ideals of the founding fathers and mothers". Challenging listeners to re-discover what it means to be a "patriot" and to remember the wisdom that has gone before us, she also asks very hard questions--but offers no answers. (She says she gets infuriated when people ask, "What should I do?" Blogging and criticism doesn't count as action, and is "cowardly", she asserts.)

All in all, it's an interesting discourse on the Sacred Contract of America as seen through the Myss model, tilting the world scene in an original and stirring perspective--one that urges self-reliance, participation, awareness, idealism, self-acceptance, global oneness, optimism and compassion--especially among Americans.

Author Profile: Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness. She holds degrees in journalism,theology,and intuition and energy medicine. Over the past decade,her work with Norman Shealy,M.D.,a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association,has helped define how stress and emotion contribute to the formation of disease.

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