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Скачать Magnetic Marketing For the Emerging Economy by Dan Kennedy(Audiobook) бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Magnetic Marketing For the Emerging Economy by Dan Kennedy
Audiobook | English | ISBN: N/A | MP3 44100 Hz 96 kbps & 32000 Hz 32 kbps | 6 tapes | ~4 hours | 129 Mb

They all laughed when I said my business was growing by leaps and bounds despite the recession angst - but they don’t have THE MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM...

How To Thrive And Prosper Right Now
And Be Poised To Profit From The Emerging New Economy
With The Time-Tested, Proven, Yet Cutting-Edge And Radically Different
That Literally Changes Everything....
for Owners of Any Kind Of Business, for Sales Professionals in Any Field...

Are you ready?

Because THIS is like nothing you’ve ever seen, read, listened to or possessed before!

If you are a business owner, you’ve likely been doing well during recent boom years despite being AN ADVERTISING VICTIM.....constantly wasting money, not really knowing what works and what doesn’t, reinventing the wheel too often, and – to be blunt – getting where you’re going by paddling faster and harder, without a fail-safe navigation system. I’m here to warn you: those “generous days” are over, and gone forever. Big, dumb companies’ sloppy, wasteful “mass advertising” practices are catching up with them - the ‘secret cancer’ that has eroded so many of these big-name corporations and left them weak, fragile and vulnerable to the very first recession-storm to blow through. Because of their size, their death may be slow. BUT THE SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, local merchant, or even mid-sized company owner can be slaughtered much faster by NOT REALLY KNOWING HOW TO SYSTEMATICALLY, efficiently, affordably “target” his ideal, ready and able to buy, high value customers or clients. If you are willing to be honest and admit you don’t really have a reliable marketing system – then you are going to count this letter put in your hands this day as a Life-Altering Event.

If you are a sales professional, you know that “Cold Prospecting” is like coal mining: dirty, filthy, ugly work best left to those who must make a living by brawn rather than with brains. If you are a good salesperson, the key to success is spending much more, even all of your time selling – to ideal prospects, customers or clients eager to meet with you, ready to listen to you, accepting of you as an expert advisor, even pre-determined to do business with you...with price or fee resistance off the table. Is such a life in selling possible? YES. And it is NOW more vital than ever. Making a top income through sheer persistence and patience and thick-skinned immunity to rejection and brute force closing and hunt-‘em-down prospecting just isn’t possible in a tougher economy. And in the new, emerging economy, it’ll be the wrong skill-set altogether. If you can be open-minded to a radically different approach that makes a life in selling infinitely more pleasant, and increases income exponentially with less stress and struggle – then I can totally change your income, status and day to day experience virtually overnight, just as I have for tens of thousands of salespeople.

My name is Dan Kennedy. My completely up-dated, expanded and more valuable-than-ever MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM is yours to inspect, examine, try out and prove beyond all doubt to be “life-changing” and capable of creating “life-changing income increases” FOR YOU.....for a full TWO months......entirely risk free. If you aren’t so “into it”, using it, drawing more from it day after day that you would wrestle six alligators buck naked in a pit of hot coals to keep it, I certainly don’t want even a penny of your hard-earned money. In 30 years at this, I’ve never permitted even one person to walk around claiming they wasted their money with me and I’m not about to start now. Get this SYSTEM. Put it to work. You’ll know – fast – that it DOES work. But, if for ANY reason whatsoever, you disagree, you can simply return it and get an instant, full, 100% refund.....no hassles, no forms to fill out....and you can even keep $613.00 of BONUS RESOURCES FREE.

So, what IS this SYSTEM? It is actually THREE things in one:

#1: It is a set of groundbreaking, practical strategies that I’ve “moved over’ from the direct marketing industry (once called ‘mail-order) --- where I made my chops, have become a multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, and have helped hundreds of clients go from zero to millions, even in one case over 1-Billion dollars --- to use in ANY TYPE of business, small or large, and by ANY sales pro. None of this is “the same old wine in a new bottle”. Whatever you’ve gotten in seminars past, whatever you’ve read regurgitated in a zillion books, whatever you think you know WILL BE CHALLENGED by what you hear and see – and THE PROOF you get from me – about a different, better, saner, more productive path to business growth (regardless of the economy) by ATTRACTING ideal new customers or clients.

These Strategies are presented and explained in twelve audio CD’s supported by written transcripts for easy reference and true-life Examples/Samples from real businesses and salespeople – not “made up stuff”.

#2: It is a monster-sized yet easily useable TOOLBOX of ready and nearly-ready to use Examples and Samples, organized into seven business categories (you fit at least one)....so you are not asked to listen, learn and then left to your own devices to do. If you’ve ever put a toy together for a kid at Christmas, you know the instructions aren’t enough – you need that picture on the box of what it’s supposed to look like when you’re done! Well, I not only SHOW you every Strategy actually implemented....I give it all to you as Examples very easily and quickly “tweaked” for your use – including Examples marked “copyright-free” for that exact purpose. If I did all this just for you as a private client, you’d pay over $100,000.00, and many do. In fact, there’s a waiting list. I don’t want new clients; don’t ask. And obviously, most small businesses and sales pros can’t justify my fees. But I’m a passionate champion of the independent small business owner and the sales professional. I hate seeing you (us) targeted for criticism and abusive taxation by liberal politicians...it galls me that you (we) are not included when they say “hard working Americans” (as if we get our money handed to us by the tooth fairy)....and it further frustrates me to see you “shoveled” out-dated, antiquated, tired, old advertising, marketing and sales ideas when you NEED real help. So here I am. Having put together a TOOLBOX of “What Works Now”.

I recently did a book promotion tour, appearing for just a few hours in four cities in four days – zipping to each by private jet, then on to the next. Very uncharacteristic for me; I typically refuse travel for business and all my clients must come to me. With such short stops in each city, you’d assume only local people would turn out. No. In each place, over 400 gathered, many flying there themselves from outside these areas, many standing in long lines to get to shake my hand...tell me their “Dan Kennedy strategies success story”....thank me. I’m not telling you that to brag. I’m promising you that you’ll soon feel the same way. You’ll not only find me “a breath of fresh air”, you’ll find my TOOOLBOX put together for you to be so different and so useful and so valuable, you’ll feel guilty about how little you paid, and you’ll be eager to meet me in person to thank me.

Of course, if you just want entertainment, I would NOT suggest getting my System. I think I’m a pretty entertaining fellow at times, but THIS is not something to be just listened to casually as you drive around town or cut the lawn on Saturday. It is meant to be USED FOR PROFIT.

#3: It is everything you need for a true Marketing SYSTEM. That means you go to bed at night – every night – knowing (not wondering, wishing, praying, hoping)...KNOWING where your next new prospects or customers are coming from, with consistency, reliability and predictability. This is a SYSTEM in sync with the emerging new economy, where customers have more confusing and competing choices than ever, traditional ad media readership is falling and fragmented, people are overwhelmed with communication, and spending is more measured and thoughtful. This is a SYSTEM with direct, targeted outreach to carefully selected, ideal customers – literally the opposite of costly, wasteful mass advertising and marketing. This SYSTEM has “built in” competitive advantage....”built in” price resistance minimization....setting you apart from all others and letting you sell in a competitive vacuum. From my Magnetic Marketing System will come YOUR OWN PERSONAL SYSTEM that you can trust and rely on, to achieve your sales goals.

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