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Скачать Instant Immersion English Grammar & Pronunciation (Audio CD) бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Kelly Pilleux, "Instant Immersion English Grammar & Pronunciation (Audio CD)"
Topics Entertainment | 2004-01 | ISBN: 1591503809 | Audio CD | 116 MB

· Works for all non-native English speakers
· Written & developed by University Language Experts!
· The fastest - most intuitive way to learn English
· Suitable for all ages - child through adult
· Takes you from beginner level to intermediate level, step-by-step.
· Ideal for business, travel, school, and home
Correct pronunciation and proper enunciation: these are the keys to effective American English spoken communication. And nothing reinforces these building blocks of speech quite like Instant Immersion™ English Grammar & Pronunciation, the dynamic audio product on 8 CDs. Whatever your native language or level of American English familiarity, Instant Immersion™ English Grammar & Pronunciation is designed to introduce non-English speakers to proper articulation of vowels and consonants, correct syllable emphasis, and accurate vocal inflection, all set to a lively lesson plan of practical American English vocabulary. Not a phrase book, not a translation guide, Instant Immersion™ English Grammar & Pronunciation is the speedy, sophisticated route to proper American English, for all non-native speakers.
Why isn't there a companion book?
We at TOPICS Entertainment are confident that these Instant Immersion™ audio recordings provide the fastest, easiest way to conversational fluency. With its focus on spoken language instruction, the listen to learn approach of Instant Immersion™ English Grammar & Pronunciation yields results fast!
• Content developed by linguists & university instructors
• Designed for all non-native speakers of American English
• Ideal for all non-native speakers of English
• Comprehensive instructional vocabulary
• Listener-friendly learning at your own pace
Developed especially for all non-native speakers of the language, Instant Immersion™ English Grammar & Pronunciation is the painless, practical path to correctly-spoken American English. With its emphasis on the building blocks of proper speech, this 8-audio CD collection provides comprehensive, self-paced instruction in vowels and consonants, articles, verb forms and tenses, proper intonation, and conversational skill-building. Whatever your first language or degree of English fluency, Instant Immersion™ English Grammar & Pronunciation is designed to increase your language confidence, loud and clear!

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