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Скачать Esther & Jerry Hicks - Sara Book 1 бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Sara Book 1 - by Esther & Jerry Hicks
Publisher: Hay House | ISBN: 140192025X | Jan 2008 | MP3 256kbps | 1 CDs | 217 MB

In Sara, Book 1, young Sara faces many challenges at home, school and within her community--experiencing boredom, frustration, confusion and anger. One day, her brother and his friend tell Sara about an owl they encountered on Thacker's Trail who they name Solomon.

Sara decides to look for Solomon among the snow-covered pastures--but finds that the once familiar trails and landmarks look quite different covered in snow. When she tries to cross a frozen river, the ice crackles under her weight. She hears a voice saying, "Have you forgotten that you cannot drown?"--and so begins Sara's journey with the large bird.

Solomon counsels Sara that there is a stream of well-being available to everyone--but the trick to receiving its benefits is allowing her "valve" to stay open. Sara: Book 1 answers important questions often asked by those curious about the Law of Attraction, as well as those frustrated and disappointed about the results of trying to apply this metaphysical principle.

For example, why does focusing on someone's "unhappiness" or "hardships" close the valve? How does one respond in the face of challenges or unmet expectations? Most importantly, how does one disconnect from the "chain of pain" and instead hook up to the stream of well-being?

On a personal note, I found this book to be incredibly insightful and timely. I happened to be reading it in my backyard, which is unremarkable in itself--except that my husband and I have been dealing with some peripheral difficulties involving new neighbors.

I began to read Chapter 20, which was incredibly appropriate. In this chapter, Sara sees old Aunt Zoie. She wants to help her--shower her with the stream of joy. But for some reason, it wasn't working for Sara, despite her best efforts.

Solomon explains to Sara that she cannot enter that "feeling place" while still in the "chain of pain". That is, Sara could not offer Aunt Zoie good feelings when Sara was feeling sorry for her Aunt--pitying her because she is "old", "crippled" and "alone". Solomon teaches Sara that everyone in the world wants different things--and we cannot truly know if someone is happy, or what is best for them.

But what we can do, he encourages, is stay hooked up to the faucet of well-being--which not only draws "birds of a feather" to us, but also widens our access to the constant flow that is always there...enabling to give more to others and ourselves.

I decided to look for things to appreciate--including my surroundings and my neighbors (who, in my mind, weren't half as bad as the previous ones!). The more I did this silently as I read, the better I felt. Eventually, one of the neighbors ventured into his back yard and I looked up, feeling such warmth and joy. I gave him a big smile and a cheerful wave and, although he ignored me as usual, I was still able to see him--and my living situation--with gratitude.

Things got better and better for us that day...and I am so very grateful for the transformative reminders found in this delightful book. I especially love how Solomon often concludes his visit with Sara with "have fun with this". It doesn't have to be arduous!

Sara, Book 1, Solomon demonstrates higher perspectives on various situations--and how what we behold and appreciate can not only transform how we feel, but also reality itself.

If you're looking to learn more about the Law of Attraction (especially from a down-to-Earth, nuts-and-bolts perspective), this is a fantastic book. If you already know some (or all) of the principles...but seem to have a hard time "getting" some of the nuances, especially in terms of observing and unhooking from the "chain of pain", then you'll find important reminders and immediately-useful approaches to joining the ever-flowing stream of well-being.

Comments on Amazon
I love all the Sara books 1,2,and 3. They are great for both children and adults.

The book is Sara, Book 1. It is just an awesome book, easy reading, and very easy to understand the teachings of Solomon. Throughout the entire book I felt like I was Sara and that the book had been written just for me. But, this book is for all of us. I recommend this book to everyone who is searching for answers about life and all the wonders and the hurts that are included in each life. ...

LOVE this book! My six year old and I have been enjoying it together. We can't wait to begin the sequel. Wonderful story!

I like to listen to cds as I drive back and forth to work. I don't have children, but I was intriqued by these stories. I really loved book 1 and I just finished book 2. I don't mind sharing that I cried with joy at the end of book 2. So, as I can only speak from my experience, I am very happy that I gave these stories a chance.

Inspiring, easy-to-read, insightful, and very useful for everyone. Recommend it to anyones interested to learn more about life in a light hearted and beneficial way.

my kids can smell a story with a moral in it a mile away but they absolutely loved this book!!! They're 13 and 10 (a girl and a boy). I read it to them and mentioned nothing about the message but they both started asking questions and practicing what Sara was doing. We finished reading it for the second time last night and I thought I'd come here and see if the next one was available yet. I just ordered Sara Book 2 and they'll be thrilled to find out it's on the way. Actually I find it so helpful and practical for myself too. Don't miss this delightful, useful and very readable little book.

Sara is a marvelous book, which I am giving to each of my granddaughters, and recommending to my friends. My husband and I loved it. It is very well written and a most interesting story line, with amazing teachings!
Indeed for children of all ages!

This book combines the elements of a great story, a heartwarming message and a great spiritual lesson. Your child will benefit greatly by reading this book, and hopefully live a better quality of life in a shorter period of time.

Abraham Hicks 2
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