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Скачать Lewis & Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (1997)(Abridged) бесплатно

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Lewis & Clark

Lewis & Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (1997)(Abridged)
Random House Audio | ISBN: 0739312510 | 4 Hours | mp3 @ 320CBR | 268 MB | Artwork
History (Spoken Word)

They called themselves the Corps of Discovery, yet they would fail to find the primary object of their mission: the Northwest Passage, a mythical all-river route through the mountains. Instead their real discovery would be the land itself--and the promises it held.I have personally listened to several Audiobooks on Lewis & Clark. This one is hands above the rest.

In the spring of 1804, at the behest of President Thomas Jefferson, a party of explorers called the Corps of Discovery crossed the Mississippi River and started up the Missouri, heading west into the newly acquired Louisiana Territory. The expedition, led by two remarkable and utterly different commanders - the brilliant but troubled Meriwether Lewis and his trustworthy, gregarious friend William Clark - was to be the United States' first exploration into unknown spaces. The unlikely crew came from every corner of the young nation: soldiers from New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and Kentucky, French Canadian boatmen, several sons of white fathers and Indian mothers, a slave named York, and eventually a Shoshone Indian woman, Sacagawea, who brought along her infant son. Plentiful excerpts from the journals kept by the two captains and four enlisted men convey the raw emotions, turbulent spirits, and constant surprises of the explorers, who each day confronted the unknown with fresh eyes. An elegant preface by Ken Burns, as well as contributions from
Stephen E. Ambrose, William Least Heat-Moon, and Erica Funkhouser, enlarge upon important threads in Duncan's narrative, demonstrating the continued potency of events that took place almost two centuries ago. And a wealth of paintings, photographs, journal sketches, maps, and film images from the PBS documentary lends this historic, nation-redefining milestone a vibrancy and immediacy to which no American will be immune.
By Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns. This 4 CD set is narrated by Ken Burns with Adam Arkin reading the part of Meriwether Lewis, Donovan Sylvest as William Clark, David Magee as Sgt. John Ordway and Jason Culp as Sgt. Patrick Gass.

I have personally listened to several Audiobooks on Lewis & Clark. This one is hands above the rest.


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