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Скачать LongMan New Concept English full 4 ebooks (Books + audio files) бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

LongMan New Concept English full 4 ebooks (Books + audio files)
PDF+ MP3 | English | 4 Books | 215MB

This is Complete Collection of LongMan New Concept English (Books + audio files):
Book 1: First Things First
Book 2: Practice and Progress
Book 3: Developing Skills
Book 4: Fluency in English

Book 1: First Things First
This book is for beginners who learn English. The stories are funny and easy to learn.

Book 2: Practice and Progress
This book includes 96 lessons:
Lesson 1: A private conversation
Lesson 2: Breakfast or lunch?
Lesson 3: Please send me a card
Lesson 4: An exciting trip
Lesson 5: No wrong numbers
Lesson 6: Percy Buttons
Lesson 7: Too late
Lesson 8: The best and the worst
Lesson 9: A cold welcome
Lesson 10: Not for Jazz
Lesson 11: One good turn deserves another
Lesson 12: Goodbye and good luck
Lesson 13: The Greenwood Boys
Lesson 14: Do you speak English
Lesson 15: Good news
Lesson 16: A polite request
Lesson 17: Always young
Lesson 18: He often does this
Lesson 19: Sold out
Lesson 20: One man in a boat
Lesson 21: Mad or not
Lesson 22: A glass envelope
Lesson 23: A new house
Lesson 24: It could be worse
Lesson 25: Do the English speak English
Lesson 26: The best art critics
Lesson 27: A wet night
Lesson 28: No parking
Lesson 29: Taxi
Lesson 30: Football or polo
Lesson 31: Success story
Lesson 32: Shopping made easy
Lesson 33: Out of the darkness
Lesson 34: Quick work
Lesson 35: Stop thief
Lesson 36: Across the channel
Lesson 37: The Olympic Game
Lesson 38: Everything except the weather
Lesson 39: Am I all right?
Lesson 40: Food and talk
Lesson 41: Do you call that a hat?
Lesson 42: Not very musical
Lesson 43: Over the South Pole
Lesson 44: Through the forest
Lesson 45: A clear conscience
Lesson 46: Expensive and uncomfortable
Lesson 47: A thirsty ghost
Lesson 48: Did you want to tell me something?
Lesson 49: The end of a dream
Lesson 50: Taken for a ride
Lesson 51: Reward for a virtue
Lesson 52: A pretty carpet
Lesson 53: Hot snake
Lesson 54: Sticky fingers
Lesson 55: Not a gold mine
Lesson 56: Faster than sound!
Lesson 57: Can I help you, madam?
Lesson 58: A blessing in disguise
Lesson 59: In or out
Lesson 60: The future
Lesson 61: Trouble with the Hubble
Lesson 62: After the fire
Lesson 63: She was not amused
Lesson 64: The Channel Tunnel
Lesson 65: Jumbo versus the police
Lesson 66: Sweet as honey!
Lesson 67: Volcanoes
Lesson 68: Persistent
Lesson 69: But not murder!
Lesson 70: Red for danger
Lesson 71: A famous clock
Lesson 72: A car called Bluebird
Lesson 73: The record-holder
Lesson 74: Out of the limelight
Lesson 75: SOS
Lesson 76: April fool's day
Lesson 77: A successful operation
Lesson 78: The last on
Lesson 79: By air
Lesson 80: The Crystal Palace
Lesson 81: Escape
Lesson 82: Monster or fish
Lesson 83: After the elections
Lesson 84: On strike
Lesson 85: Never too old to learn
Lesson 86: Out of control
Lesson 87: A perfect alibi
Lesson 88: Trapped in a mine
Lesson 89: A slip of the tongue
Lesson 90: What's for supper?
Lesson 91: Three men in a basket
Lesson 92: Asking for trouble
Lesson 93: A noble gift
Lesson 94: Future champions
Lesson 95: A fantasy
Lesson 96: The dead return

Book 3: Developing Skills
This volume includes 60 lessons. At this level,there is less need for pattern control and contextualization. Now that the foundations have been laid,the student is in a position to cope with new sentence patterns as and when they occur.

Book 4: Fluency in English
This volume includes 48 lessons. The materials were chosen from a variety of publications.

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