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Скачать Sacred Circle бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Sacred Circle
Hypnosis Audio CD | 1 x mp3@234kpbs | 70.1MB | Publisher: alangreywolf.com

You are guided to one of the most powerful and mystical symbols of life: the Medicine Wheel or the Sacred Circle. Here you will connect to the Spirits and the Spirit Keepers of these elemental forces, finding the power and means needed to change your life. You are guided to find new directions, growth and expansion, abundance and prosperity, and wisdom based on both your new path, and the paths in your previous lives. You will find completion.

These inner journeys are active meditations that are designed to assist you to get answers, overcome obstacles, and change your life. Stress reduction is a by-product, not the aim of the series.
The process of inner growth and development lies entirely within your own control. These recordings can help you, and provide the means to change. The Path is yours.
Each recording can be used as often as you wish, each time with a different result.
The experience is a proven meditative process, and keeps you entirely within your own self at all times.
All new techniques and experiences require practice and active participation to be effective.

What Makes Grey Wolf's Guided Meditations
Different From Other Recordings?

Based on user feedback, these recordings are unique because:
* They are pro-active. YOU achieve results.
* They are simple to follow yet powerful.
* They are non-intrusive, non-controlling, and allow you to use your own creative vision. YOU are not told what to see, but only what to expect.
* The voice and the music are very easy to listen, very soothing, and enhance your experience.
* And finally, THEY WORK!!

Alan Grey Wolf is a Life Consultant and healer who works through astrology, clairvoyance, and meditation to help others to overcome issues, and to grow on their path.
These services are available as a taped reading or meditation, or as a live consultation via the telephone.
Alan's readings are a blend of the intuitive, psychic, and empathetic, with the practical or technical. He uses whatever method is most effective to address the issue or to solve the problem.
"He gives to others the courage and determination to find their way and hasten them on their Path."
For close to thirty years Grey Wolf has read for thousands of clients across Canada, in the United States, New Zealand, England, and Europe.
Each of the hundreds of self-empowerment and shamanism workshops he has given has included a very powerful and unique meditation. A number of these meditations are currently available on CD or on tape.


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