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Скачать Anticipation by Lewis Black бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Anticipation by Lewis Black
ISBN: B001APM3YA | AudioBook | 320kbps MP3 | rar | 71MB | RS

Product Description:

Back from his Grammy Award win for Best Comedy Album 2006 for "The Carnegie Hall Performance", Lewis has a whole new set of what's setting him off. From the insanity of golf and losing his virginity to a skipping album to his favorite time of year - Christmas in Vegas - "Anticipation" could just be his best album yet.

Summary: Less topical, more timeless. A great album.
Rating: 5

I had the pleasure of getting an early peek at this material when I went with a friend to see Lewis Black on New Year's Eve of 2007; the material on the CD was almost identical to what I heard. However, I had forgotten all the exact jokes, so I bought the album anyway. I laughed just as hard now as I did then.

One thing I noticed was the nature of the jokes -- there are less political jokes. His Santa material deals with politics, but it doesn't deal with issues that happened recently. Even though his commentary on today's news is usually hilarious, the problem I've always seen with those jokes it that they're topical and don't age well; they can't find new fans. These jokes, however, about Christmas, golfers, and his losing his virginity are jokes that new listeners can hear 20 years from now and still understand. That's one thing I've always worried about with Lewis Black, but this album is one of his performances that'll age very well.

Another reason why I'm giving this album five stars is due to the fact that it never seems to sag. His Carnegie Hall Performance was great, but I felt it slowed down a bit once it got to his performance at the White House dinner; it didn't help that his material on that was close to 20 minutes. This one doesn't seem to ever sag, which makes it well worth the money. Buy it.

Summary: ANTI is AWESOME!
Rating: 5

After listening to this gem by Lewis Black, it is with little doubt, his best work yet. Lewis losing his virginity to a LP record is hysterical and his funniest is "Blueberry Pancakes". Will make any man think twice before he makes pancakes for his wife. Buy this today because it is worht it!! By Brian Paillette

Summary: awesome as usual
Rating: 5

Lewis Black is perhaps the funniest stand up in the country right now - or at least approaching the level of the chris rocks and george carlins (rip) of the world. This is another hillarious album by Black. I love the first track.

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