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Скачать Your Magical Divine Experiment by Luanne Oakes, PHD бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Your Magical Divine Experiment by Luanne Oakes, PHD
Nightingale Conant | ASIN: B000EZX404 | mp3 | (2005) | 8 CDs | 224 Kbps | 380MB

Design a magical and divine experiment that puts you in resonance with your heart's most treasured desires. In a world where we are continually instructed to set goals and then work hard to achieve them, Your Magical Divine Experiment shows you how to achieve more by doing almost the exact opposite. Because the program helps you achieve your goals from within to without, you can fulfill your heart's desires from the comfort of an overstuffed armchair, on the beach, or in your own sacred place.

Dr. Luanne Oakes has researched, refined, and used this distinctive manifestation process for the past 36 years to fulfill her own sacred heart's desires. And she's used various applications of the process to help countless others achieve their unique goals.

As you'll soon discover, doing less to accomplish more is a lot more magical and fun than today's "cortisol- and norepinephrine-driven," health-diminishing lifestyles. The program synthesizes ancient scientific wisdom, vibration therapy, and the latest research in quantum physics to assist you in becoming the resonance of what you want to achieve. This enables you to send the appropriate energetic message to the Universe so that it reflects the experiences you desire back to you.

In Your Magical Divine Experiment, you'll learn how to:
* Use "The Law of Least Effort" to fulfill your unique aspirations.
* Take direct and effective action to achieve any goal as well as know when you should take action so you'll enjoy more freedom, ease, and fun in the process.
* Effortlessly let go of old beliefs that drain pleasure and vitality from your cells.
* Create "Future Memories" to realize immediate positive changes in your life and effect the specific outcomes you want.
* Expend less Life Force in each moment so you have more energy for creativity, fun, and joy.
* Biochemically change stress hormones into beta endorphins or "feel-good molecules" so you can more readily attract the things you want into your life.


Listen to the program and free yourself of the notion that staying incessantly busy and withstanding trials and tribulations are prerequisites for achievement. Align with your heart's most treasured and unique desires, and then simply stay alert for the magical synchronistic clues that will clarify, direct, and illuminate your unique path.

Luanne Oakes, Ph.D., has integrated Western and Eastern philosophies of science, spirituality, and health for over 25 years. A renowned author, scientific metaphysical researcher, spiritual alchemist, healing facilitator, and composer/musician, she coaches physicians, psychiatrists, performers, and business professionals from all over the world. She is the creator of the Nightingale-Conant programs Spiritual Alchemy and Sound Health, Sound Wealth.

Included are the origial CD covers and the Booklet!

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