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Скачать ReInventing Yourself [Audio Book] - [REPOST+REUPLOAD] бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Steve Chandler , "ReInventing Yourself" [Audio Book][REPOST]
Publisher: Highbridge Audio | ISBN 1565114191 | 128 kbps MP3 | 3 Hours | 75 Mb

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Audio Book Part 1 (~25 MB)
Audio Book Part 2 (~25 MB)
Audio Book Part 3 (~25 MB)

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There are two kinds of people, asserts motivational speaker Chandler: victims and owners. Transforming oneself from the victim mindset to the owner mindset is the purpose of this recording. Possessing "the spirit"Athat is, the right attitudeAis the key to making the change, and the spirit must be lit again each day.

Victims allow things to happen to them; owners make things happen. Language is a powerful weaponAvictims use "should" and "ought," owners use "can" and "will." The victim is "swamped" by all the things he/she has to do; the owner is "focused" on the tasks before him/her. Chandler quotes Voltaire: "No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking"Aworrying about a problem is not thinking about it because worrying does not seek solutions.

Owners address problems rather than avoiding them. Practice is a powerful weapon against the mediocre life. Losing is not defeat. Happiness can be mastered. Chandler's narration in this three-hour program is soothing, which may inspire some and put others to sleep.

The author is a seasoned values teacher whose heartfelt message is this: We get more from life when we decide to approach it as an owner--someone who shapes our own attitudes and takes responsibility for what we bring to life--rather than a passive victim.

His particular twist on this theme is to remind us that the building blocks of these attitudes are already in our repertoire, such as when we stiffen up during frustration or talk softly to a smiling baby. We have the same power to change our attitude toward the bigger hills and valleys of life, he says, in a program that is as memorable for its sincerity as for its insights and motivational value.


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