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Скачать Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Selling бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Brian Tracy, "The Psychology of Selling"
Audio Book | English | 160 kbps - 44.1 kHz | 145 MB

Find The Keys To Sales Success! The world's foremost producer of personal development and motivational audio programs offers the Brian Tracy's sales classic.

Session 1: The Psychology of Selling
The winning edge theory. The inner game of selling. Self-concept as a regulator. A simple way to increase your earnings. The six phases of selling. The single most significant indicator of your success. The best time to make a sale. Obstacles.

Session 2: Developing a Powerful Sales Personality
Characteristics of superior salespeople. Gaining ten extra years of income. Achieving wealth. Which products are right for you? Creating the profile for success and living up to it. Your invisible helper. What is happening when everything is going right? Becoming unstoppable.

Session 3: Why People Buy
The foundation for all professional selling. The key to business-to-business selling. The six sure-fire ways to uncover needs. Identifying basic and secondary needs. The "spotlight" technique. Phrasing for success.

Session 4: Creative Selling
How strategic selling works. A step-by-step process to determine your greatest opportunities. The crucial question you must ask yourself. Timing sales for success. Great ways to get testimonials. The "20-Idea" method. Selling to "non-customers."

Session 5: Approaching the Prospect
If it works for Corning Glass Getting undivided attention. Planting the right questions in the customer's mind. Answering them. The selling temptation you must avoid. Building expectancy. Correctly using the powerful suggested influences. Five personality types.

Session 6: The Sales Process
An opening question that both qualifies the buyer and intrigues him. The purpose of the presentation. Building your case. Stalling all price concerns until you're ready for them. Five keys to effective listening. A three-step presentation method.

Session 7: The Psychology of Closing
Planning your close in detail. Its major requirements. A new look at buying signals. The role of fear. Five errors to avoid. What not to do. Primary obstacles to closing. The only form of pressure you should ever use. Avoiding the biggest sales killer. Tag-team selling.

Session 8: When Objections Get In the Way
The basic rule about objections. Turning them around. The law of six applied to objections. Analyzing conditions. Nine common objections and how to demolish them. Show-off objections. Subjective objections. The last-ditch objection. The just suppose sharp angle instant reverse and change places closes.

Session 9: Winning Closing Techniques
The ascending close. The law of six. Kindling desire. The invitational close. Overcoming price resistance. The law of the excluded alternative. Seven ways to handle price objections. A way to smoke out the real objection. The sudden death close. Finalizing a sale that was going nowhere.

Session 10: Winning Closing Techniques II
The alternative close. The assumption close. The take away summary order sheet relevant story walk away today only go ahead and doorknob closes. Questions to ask yourself after every sales call. A billionaire reveals the two requirements for success.

Session 11: Managing Your Time Effectively
The basics of managing time. A simple formula that puts things in perspective. Major time wasters. How to quit spinning your wheels. The essence of selling. Tips to increase effectiveness. How to start your day. When to end it. How to find six new weeks a year.

Session 12: Ten Keys to Success in Selling
What adversity shows you. The incompetent person of tomorrow. Selecting the right reference group. Shakespeare's advice. Why you're a genius. Tapping your enormous creativity reserves. The Universal Maximum. A key to success by Baron de Rothschild. A lesson from the airstrip.



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