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Скачать Abraham-Hicks Hawaiian Well-Being Cruise 2007 Audio CD 1-5 бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Abraham Hicks - Hawaiian Well-Being Cruise 2007 Excerpts CD 1-5
MP3 | 128 kbps | 17 CDs | 1.1 GB

H A W A I I A N___W E L L - B E I N G___C R U I S E___2 0 0 7

Cruise CD1
Jerry and Esther say “welcome aboard” and Abraham sets the tone for the cruise.

Cruise CD2
You can control the feathers in your nest. Law of Attraction responds to your vibration. All was vibration before it was form. The Art of Allowing and downstream thoughts. Where should she scatter transitioned dad’s ashes? My thoughts about you are affecting me.

Cruise CD3
How, in detail, does thought become form? He wants to rendezvous with a whale. Trying too hard to understand Universal Mind? He can’t get going in the mornings. Shouldn’t evil politicians be punished after death?

Cruise CD4
How did civilized diets affect aborigine’s health? When television keeps us “informed” of unwanted? How nutritious is a plate of worms? Can he protect adolescent boys from jail? The “criminals” are those who get caught. Comparing impulses, intuition and connection to Source?

Cruise CD5
Any impulse to guide our increased intuition? What to do with all the money? She’s learning that she’s a subtle warrior. (How does she learn trust vs. worry? He has been gliding like an eagle. Is former deceased husband now deceiving her?

Cruise CD6
She’s doing the work but que paso? Veterinarian questions moon’s influence on epileptic pets. To be more receptive to my guidance? Some of his thoughts are instantly manifesting. Wash whale saying “thank you” for rescue? Had an “appreciation” encounter with an actress. She has had trouble staying in focus. She feels addicted to always being right.

Cruise CD7
She has manifested an unwanted inner growth. Is she really communicating with extra terrestrials? What are those “orbs” on her photos? Why does Abraham make her feel high? Do dolphin communities have kings and queens? Is copyright protection appropriate for intellectual properties?

Cruise CD8
Are you experiencing enough valuable contrast yet? Do with her ability to intuit problems. Is her destiny to return to India? Will manifested Thought Forms continue to exist? Does transitioned Mom see Hawaii through daughter? Will meditation areas become assessable to others? Horror films (as entertainment) as managed contrast? When living with a fear of dying. Do the dinosaurs miss their physical experience? Musicians’ perspective of a full-time gig?

Cruise CD9
Investor wants to more intuit his investments. He wants to loose seventy pounds. Winemaker’s role in Well-Being of the vineyard? Winemaker’s doing what he’s meant to do? Is she supposed to make some contribution?Are your goals downstream, or upstream? She is interested in healing with sound. Dolphin child states “That’s not my pod.” Bigfoot, Hallow Earth, Bible Code and commonality? Is there anything that’s meant to be??

Cruise CD10
Do you want long, or short answers? Wanting to identify the Intelligence of Abraham? To rejoin her lover in next lifetime? What caused meditator’s body to go numb? Other than the 90% that is attitude? How can they best socialize their children? Some comparisons between meditation, hypnosis and channeling? If she didn’t feel offended, was she? There’s no “new thoughts, only reactivated twists. Does Abraham ask from a larger Stream? A Positive Aspect Process regarding his mate? But, it really isn’t here yet?

Cruise CD11
But, it really isn’t here yet? How can attorney fairly resolve major conflicts? She had a joyous root canal experience. Was his successful year just dumb luck? When hurt by a swelling emotional under-current.

Cruise CD12
Time to tell a new “health” story? Shouldn’t we be disciplining our small children? Was world flat when believed it was? Could uncomfortable Persian childhood recreate itself here? Wants more details regarding “relationships are eternal.” Psychologist’s sore finger vs. land for koalas?

Cruise CD13
Why her hand clutches toward her stomach? Wants to end complaints about world leaders. How was our eastern sunrise originally decided? Wants to see “Fairies of the Universe.” Grandmother still stirring the cruddy relationship pot. What great things are almost upon us? Her children want to also bear children. How does sex play into our lives?

Cruise CD14
How specific should desire for lover be? Her two issues are weight and finances. I’m in control of how I feel. The origins of humans and animals? And on the seventh day he chilled. Considering a recollection of one’s past lives?

Cruise CD15
Why would the term “vibrations” be banned? What’s the essence of his prospective movie? Deep breathing, as a releasing of resistance? A continuation of the subject of “vibrations.” Wild critters are eating her civilized garden. Is there conscious life on other planets? She would like to coach reluctant croakers. We’re all making too much of death. Could surgical gender change eliminate “hot flashes”? “Male” or “female”, it’s all about vibrations.

Cruise CD16
You didn’t come to writhe in unwanted. Was that statement an upstream or downstream? Should we fear self-created nightmare dreams? Where the original intention came from? To clear her liver and thyroid vibrations? Wants to better understand her channeling experience. He wants a career of giving service. What’s the cause of his hissing ears? Will his voice enhance his future work? Dare we hope for a peaceful world?

Cruise CD17
Dare we hope for a peaceful world? Isn’t it necessary to eliminate one’s ego? Are there better ways to explain Well-Being? Abraham delivers an Hawaiian Cruise Well-Being closing.


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