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Скачать The Goon Show - Volume Twenty Two - (BBC Audio Radio Collection) бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

The Goon Show - Volume Twenty Two - (BBC Audio Radio Collection)
MP3 | 128kbps Spoken Word Audio | 2 x RAR | Total Size 115 Mb | 2Hrs Approx

Goon but not forgotten! From 1952 to 1960 the Goons ruled the airwaves, the most celebrated and influential clowns in the history of radio. GO ON - join Major Bloodnok in Africa on the trail of a booted gorilla, take part in Neddie's plot to buy back New York, help scientist Dr Seagoon find out why London's monuments are growing hair, and hear all about Henry Crun's part in the Great Ink Drought of 1902.

Yes, folks, it's the esteemed Goon Show, starring those masters of inspired lunacy, Spike Milligan. Harry Secombe and Peter Sellers.

And why are those jungle roads so dusty? They can't get a cleaner.

Episodes are:

1 ~ The Booted Gorilla 30 November 1954
2 ~ The Sale of Manhattan (The Lost Colony) 29 November 1955
3 ~ The Choking Horror 14 February 1956
4 ~ The Ink Shortage 29 December 1957





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