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Скачать Caroline Myss and others - QUEST - energy power and spirit (Audiobook) бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Caroline Myss and others - QUEST - energy power and spirit
Simon & Schuster Audio | 12/1997 | ISBN: 0671577689 | MP3 | 8 parts, each ~60min | 106MB

Based on the award-winning motivational program seen on PBS, Quest Volume 3: Energy, Power and Spirit is a one-of-a-kind audio program in which seven of the world's most prominent and respected thinkers and authors provide new perspectives to help you make the most of your spiritual and physical power.

Self-help authors Thomas Moore, Caroline Myss, Sara Ban Breathnach, and David Wyte discuss the connections between body and spirit and explore ways to feel more energy and control over your own time.

From taking control of your life to revitalizing and empowering your spirit, these great minds impart practical yet profound wisdom straight to your heart and soul. You learn how to:

  • Free the flow of energy in the body's major centers of power
  • Take control of your life and Timeshift into an expansionof "now"
  • Take the simple abundance journey and embrace gratitude and simplicity
  • Enrich your soul with what it cherishes most
  • The next step on your journey of self-discovery, Quest Volume 3: Energy, Power and Spirit will help you to learn the keys to living an empowered life, overflowing with richness.

Lili Fournier produced and directed the Quest series to inspire people to achieve their potential.

Comments on Amazon:

The third in a series---own them all, June 5, 1999
The third in a series from a PBS show of the same name. (see the reviews on the other two tapes in this series)This is so well done that you can listen to it over and over and always come away with something new and stimulating each and every time. With out going into a detailed explanation of the series this is simply a superb compilation of some of the thoughts and ideas as expressed by some of our era's best author's, lecturer's and thinkers. It is so well organized and presented that all three tapes flow one into the other. As with many series where the latter in the series are not as strong as the first, this is not the case here. All three are equally as strong without repeating and without pandering to the listener. It is a must own series for those who enjoy being stimulated to THINK! And for those who don't you might be surprised--you might still come away with an experience that you will enjoy. Own all three.


A soul uplifting that gives hope , things we really knew., December 15, 1999

Comming from your ear phones is an irrestible seduction into the present that makes your being quivver with hope.


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