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Скачать Wizards of Money бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Wizards of Money
AudioBook | 48kbps mp3 | 20h | 400MB | Direct download links

Learn why stock-market is in such financial crisis today! (written by Smithy)

The Wizards of Money is an educational series that questions the validity of the global monetary system. Listen and discover amazing facts about the world-wide debt system we've all been enslaved by, and how this system produces economic disparity and the massive poverty conditions in which most people find themselves today.

Smithy has degrees in mathematics and economics. She works as a consultant calculating investment risk for financial institutions, therefore she does not reveal her real name.


* How Money is Created
+ Introduction
+ Where does the title "The Wizards of Money" come from?
+ The Birth of the Federal Reserve
+ Misconceptions about Money
+ Exactly How Does Money Get Created?
+ Why Money is Undemocratic
+ Ancient Monetary Wisdom

* Financial Risk Transfer
+ Capital Buffers in the Global Casino
+ Risks Taken By Speculators and IMF Bailouts
+ Risk Transfer in Action - Asian Financial Crisis
+ IMF Bailout Prevention Solutions
+ Bank Supervision and the Basel Capital Accords

* Banking on Poverty
+ The "Science" Behind the Monetary System
+ The Federal Reserve and the Poor

* Wizards and Warlords
+ A Tragic Day for the American Empire
+ The Role of Wizards and Warlords in Empire-Building
+ Special Wizard/Warlord Relationships of the American Empire
+ The Downfall of the Roman Empire and the Roman Monetary System

* Monetary Terrorism
+ Relationship Between 20th Century Money and 20th Century Wars
+ The "Oil-Standard" Kicks Out the Gold-Link of Money
+ The Anatomy of a Currency Attack
+ The Unholy Trinity
+ Wall Street's Stealth Fighter - Dollarization

* Democratizing the Monetary System
+ The Activism-Money Paradox
+ Whose Monetary System?
+ Why do we Need Money?
+ Design and Implications of Democratic Money

* The Money Cycle versus The Water Cycle
+ How Money Flows
+ The Simple Money Cycle Model
+ The Market Meets Real Efficiency - Nature's Water Cycle
+ Enter the Humans and Their Crazy Monetary System
+ Banks, Land and Water

* Trading Nature and "Cooking the Books"
+ Mirror Images and Accounting Basics
+ Accounting in Wonderland
+ The Making of the Enron Energy Empire
+ The Collapse of Enron

* Jack and the Sweatshop
+ Jack and the Corporate Ladder
+ It's all About Winning. Business is a Game
+ The Globalization Guru and the Georgia PCB/Dioxin Problem
+ Science, The Well Capitalized Way

* Back to the Twenties Through the Looking Glass - Steagall
+ Regulatory Landmarks of the Great Depression
+ A Trip Back to the 1920s
+ The Gambling of the Guardians of the Public's Money

* House Lever-Edge at the Derivatives Casino
+ The House Edge
+ Leverage
+ Hedge Funds, Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps
+ Background On the LTCM Saga
+ Story: Because a Little Bug With the Asian Flu went Ka-CHOO

* The Imperial Budget and the Mythical Lock Box
+ The Role of Taxation
+ The Relationship Between Tax and Money
+ Comparing Imperial Budgets
+ Imperial Financial Management
+ Social Security, Medicare and IOU's from the Government to the Government
+ The Lock Box Myth and the Problems it Generates
+ Perhaps a New Religion is in Order!

* Bankruptcy Bill's Shoot-Out at the Social Safety Net
+ What Triggers Personal Financial Ruin?
+ Beware the Stranger Bearing Gifts" Invasion of the Credit Card Industry
+ If it's got an Income Stream Catch it, Tame it and Securitize It!
+ Bank-Robbing Banks

* The Trade Federation and the InterGalactic Banking Clan
+ The Deterioration of the Galactic Republic and the Emergence of the Trade Federation
+ A "Background Briefing" on GATS
+ A Huge Event in the History of GATS European Union Member leaks the EUs GATS "Grab Bag" of Requests to Other Nations
+ The Ongoing Battle Between Corporations and States
+ How Breaking Your Own Rules Can Bite You in the Butt!

* Homeland Securitizations and Overseas Vacations
+ The Twilight Zone the "Other Dimension" of Financial Transactions
+ A Trip to the Financial Twilight Zone in a Special Purpose Vehicle
+ The Birth of the Mae Sisters and Cousin Freddie
+ The Securitization Atmosphere of the Investment Bankers
+ The Mechanics of the Special Purpose Vehicle
+ The Special Purpose Vehicles Parked at the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Casino
+ The Special Purpose Vehicle - Deluxe Version and the Banking Scandals
+ Securing Homeland Capital when Overseas Adventures Go Wrong

* There's a Generic in my Shark Fin Soup!
+ Predator-Prey Dynamics in the Drug Sea
+ Attack of the Generics! Meet the Shark Fin Curve.
+ A Little Bit of US Drug History
+ The Anatomy of a Counter-Attack from Big Pharma
+ The Next Blockbuster Drug - What will it be? A "Youth Pill"
+ Market failure of the Patented Medicine Model. HIV/AIDS Rips in to China and Russia.
+ A Remedy for the Ills of the Current Medicine Model

* Caught Between and Dock and a Sweatshop
+ A "Toy Story"
+ The "Spartacus Problem"
+ Eliminating the Legacy of Harry
+ Back to the Docks of the 1930s
+ Life at the World's Largest Retail Giant and the Biggest Importer from China

* Where Wall Street Crosses Auburn Avenue
+ Atlanta's "Freedom Walk"
+ The Almost Forgotten History of Black-Owned Financial Institutions
+ Physical Desegregation, Financial Segregation
+ 1968: Dr King's Death and Ginnie Mae's Birth
+ The Predatory Pipeline: From the Home Buyer Back to Wall Street
+ The FHA Loan Pipeline
+ Progress in Clamping Down on Predatory Capital

* The Education Sweepstakes
+ The Remarkable Story of Risk - From the Halls of Baghdad to Twenty First Century Risk Management
+ The Skills for Playing in a Market Economy
+ State of State Finances
+ Economic Development and Slot Machines
+ The Lotto Sweepstakes Sweeping the States
+ The Other Mae Family - Sallie, Nellie et al.
+ The Ultimate Risk Bearers

* The Battle of the Dragons - Oil vs Insurance
+ The Holy Cartel and the Magical Price Range
+ A Party in Dallas
+ The Ancient Creature of "Old Europe" vs Fossil Fuel Industry
+ Energy Outlook

* Playing Russian Roulette in the Carbon Markets
+ Global Carbon Flows BC (Before Coal)
+ How the Carbon Accounts become Unbalanced
+ The World's First International Carbon Market
+ A Market Miracle?
+ English Ambitions
+ Tree Farms and Cow Farts "Down Under"
+ Back to the Dark Ages to See What the US is Up To
+ The Pivotal Role of Russia
+ Stuffing Your Wastes Under the Ground
+ Will the US be Left Out of Emerging Financial and Energy Markets?

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Direct download links (thanks to Takeoverworld.info):

http://www.Takeoverworld.info/mp3/wom/13%5D_Wizards_of_Money_-_Bankruptcy_Bill%27s_Shoot-Out_at_Social_Safety_Net.mp3 http://www.Takeoverworld.info/mp3/wom/14%5D_Wizards_of_Money_-_The_Trade_Federation_and_Intergalactic_Banking_Clan.mp3


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