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Скачать Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync CD Gateway Experience Wave VI - Odyssey part 2 бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0
Hemi Sync Wave VI

Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Wave VI - Odyssey part 2
Meditative | Flac (lossless Audio) | 35min | 137MB

Embark upon an odyssey of self-discovery. Wave VI features high adventure exercises in Focus 21 (the bridge to other energy systems). Explore realms of awareness that defy description in dimensions beyond physical time-space reality in this much-requested continuation of the Gateway Experience.

Odyssey 1 – Sensing Locale 1
Exercise 1 will reacquaint you with Focus 12. While in Focus 12, you will be introduced to your energy body (second body) as a field of energy surrounding your physical body. You may equate this second body to the life force that animates the physical body or you may choose to refer to it as your etheric body, subtle body, or light body. Call it what you will, this energy field is the same, vibrating and alive – an extension of your physical body. Exercise 1 will assist you in learning to control your energy body.

Odyssey 2 – Expansion in Locale 1
Exercise 2 will enable you to begin a greater exploration of Locale 1 through the expansion of your energy body in Focus 12. This is accomplished by speeding up the vibrations in your energy body and expanding it outward, like a large bubble surrounding your physical body. Once fully expanded, you will move your awareness toward the far reaches of your energy body; becoming lighter as you move farther from the confines of your physical body.

Odyssey 3 – Point of Departure
With practice, you will have become comfortable and proficient in moving your consciousness within an expanded energy body. Now you are ready for take-off. Once again you will be led to Focus 12, where you will move your consciousness into your energy body and rotate it 180 degrees. This technique may seem familiar from earlier exercises in the Gateway Experience. This exercise, however, has a very different starting point – your energy body – which is vibrating at a very high speed. The rotation may also seem different. For some, the experience may appear to be like a very slow movement in time and space; for others, a shift in awareness, like having eyes in the back of your head. You may actually see your own body. It is best to suspend expectations. Whatever your experience, your goal during Exercise 3 is to project your consciousness out of phase with your physical body.

If you have difficulty with this exercise, don’t despair. Please know that not everyone will have a conscious out-of-body experience. It takes a lot of practice for most, and many of us have hidden fears that hold us back. Also, if you try too hard for an OBE, the intense effort can become the very distraction that holds you back. Try to be nonchalant about OBEs. They are just a small part of the process of self-exploration and personal growth. (See also HemiSync - Journeys Out Of The Body)

Odyssey 4 – Nonphysical Friends
We encourage all who participate in our residential and in-home programs to be open to the idea of asking for and receiving assistance. Our enthusiasm for doing so originates from our early experiences with the Explorer sessions conducted at The Monroe Institute’s laboratory facilities. During these sessions, it became apparent that our Explorers were not alone; rather, they had an abundance of help. “Helpers in energetic form” would typically position themselves two on each side of the Explorer. These helpers might assist the Explorer in leaving his/her physical body or contribute to otherwise with purpose of a session. The particulars of how these nonphysical friends were helping were not always obvious, but their benevolent intentions were remarkably clear. This much-appreciated cooperation gave rise to the latter half of the Gateway Affirmation, which became an essential component of our programs for exploring states of consciousness. Who are these non-physical friends? We prefer that you decide for yourself. Exercise 4 is designed so you might establish trust through direct personal contact.

Odyssey 5 – Movement to Locale 2/Intro Focus 21
Exercise 5 (Movement to Locale 2) may be your first conscious experience in Focus 21 (the bridge to other energy systems). As previously mentioned, Focus 21 is an extraordinary state of awareness that was previously reserved for the Institute’s residential programs. As you relax into this exercise, specialized Hemi-Sync signals and verbal guidance will lead you to Focus 21. Carefully observe the subtle changes in vibrations or feelings of movement within your body as you are verbally guided from Focus 12 to Focus 21, transitioning through the various states of consciousness as you choose.

Odyssey 6 – Free Flow Journey in Focus 21
This exercise is the culmination of all your previous work and is brand-new territory for your exploration. Again, staying focused and aware is important. You will move to Focus 21 directly from 12 by simply projecting your consciousness and guidance to the light of Focus 21. There, you will once again be encouraged to ask for assistance and guidance from those whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal or greater to than your own. No matter how many times you participate in this exercise, you will never exhaust its limitless possibilities for rich and abundantly rewarding far journeys.

Detailed list of contents are here:

HemiSync FAQ: http://www.toolsforwellness.com/hemi-sync.html

All files for Wave 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (and following parts and waves) in the folder

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