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Скачать Brainwave Mind Voyages (Series I) - Trance Induction, The Lucid Dreaming Version бесплатно

10 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Brainwave Mind Voyages (Series I)
Trance Induction, The Lucid Dreaming Version
Meditative | Flac (lossless Audio) | 70min | 250MB

This BMV CD uses brainwave entrainment technology that gives you the ability to synchronize or tune your brainwaves to specific frequencies.

This Series will guide you verbally, mentally and even subliminally through the process of inducing a lucid dream. The embedded brainwave frequencies will transport you into deeper and deeper Alpha levels and then consciously plunge you into the highly visualistic Theta state. This CD incorporates the use of hypnosis & subliminal suggestion combined with the most effective lucid dreaming techniques that I have found.

You can use this CD to become fully conscious while you are dreaming. Imagine the thrill of being in a dream and knowing that it is a dream!!

This CD contains:
a guided relaxation,
expansive affirmations,
embedded brainwave frequencies,
soothing background soundscapes,
tried and tested induction methods,
various subliminal messages,
hypnotic vocals & a masterful
use of split ear scripting.

There are 10 individual tracks ( 70 min. total). Due to the varied approach and content of each brainwave track, you can listen to the entire CD in one session or you can loop any particular track. By listening to the different tracks on repeat mode, you can determine which tracks create the best results for YOU.

Many people have sparked their lucidity by looping track 9 and then simply going to bed.

Several tracks were designed to provide assistance WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING!

The right hemisphere of your brain is more creative, more visual and less linear. Your left hemisphere is more logical, more linear and less artistic. Several tracks masterfully incorporate the use of carefully scripted SPLIT-EAR SUBLIMINALS. This results in a powerfully entrancing, complex waveform that sends specific messages that target either your left or right hemisphere.

By creating specifically tailored messages and directing them to the appropriate 'receiving' hemisphere, YOU can maximize your odds of success.

Although there is no guarantee that this Series will spark lucidity in your dreams, the feedback that I have received so far is overwhelming. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this CD may provide just the boost you need to start making things happen.

Many people have had success while using this Series, and a few people have even had their first lucid dream while listening to this CD.

This CD was specifically made for lucid dreamers and made BY A LUCID DREAMER.

Download now and maximize your lucid dreaming progress today!!!

password: www.AvaxHome.ru
or for some other files: AvaxHome

If there is any problem with this release, please leve me a pm. I can't keep track of all comments. Thanks!


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