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Скачать Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync CD Gateway Experience Wave III - Freedom (part 2) бесплатно

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Hemi-Sync CD Gateway Experience Wave III - Freedom

Hemi-Sync Gateway Experience Wave III - Freedom (part 2)
Genre: Meditative | Flac (lossless Audio) | 32min | 143MB

Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync CD Gateway Experience Wave III - Freedom

Enjoy Focus 10 and Focus 12 exercises developed specifically to make the methods for perceiving and controlling your nonphysical energy a comfortable and joyous experience.

  • Lift Off - achieve ease with nonphysical experience
  • Remote Viewing - tools for distant perception
  • Vectors - reference points for easy movement
  • Five Questions - answers from your total self
  • Energy Food - absorb nonphysical energy
  • First Stage Separation - explore nonphysical consciousness

About Out of Body Experiences OBEs - conceptualize your experiences with Wave I and II in terms of Robert Monroe's Continuum of Consciousness. C1, Focus 10 and Focus 12 are arbitrary labels for certain point along the continuum. Hemi Sync helps you shift your attention to a particular state of consciousness. In the classic out-of-body experience you "see" your physical body from an outside position. There are no rules, no norms, no standards against which you should measure YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. As you become more proficient in experiencing your consciousness as separate from the physical, the method of perception becomes quite unimportant and may change from OBE to OBE. ANY experience of your consciousness separate from the physical body is an OBE.

About Fear: Some people have a strong desire to go out-of-body while at another level they are frightened at the prospect. Waves I and II have given you the tools to deal with fear by using your "Box", your affirmation and "REB:" and EBT.

Let go of any expectation that you will have a particular kind of experience. Remember that you can always return safely to C-1.

Practice: As you experiment with the different separation techniques on Wave III exercises, you may discover that one works better for you.

Beginning stages of developing OBE proficiency: You may find that thought becomes action. A passing thought about a person or location may transport your nonphysical consciousness there. The possibilities are limited only by who you are and how you wish to grow.

Center yourself in the "you" that is your nonphysical energy rather than in your physical body. Repeated practice gives you assurance that you can return safely and easily and, it is quite easy to move farther than the exercise provides.

Wave III Learning:

Freedom #1: Lift Off - achieve ease with nonphysical experience
Center yourself in the "you" that is your nonphysical energy rather than in your physical body. Learn to return safely and easily to your body.

Freedom #2 Remote Viewing - tools for distant perception.
Remote viewing guides you through three experiments using your EBT to reach distant people and places with your awareness. Distance is not a factor.

Integrate remote viewing into your daily life as you continue to practice the techniques of Wave III.

Remote viewing is a perceptual skill that enables an individual to acquire and describe information about people, objects, places or events. This information is perceived physically and is seemingly separate from the "viewer" and his/her physical senses by distance, shielding, or time. In recent years, the disclosure that a secret U.S. government remote-viewing surveillance program existed during the Cold War era has increase public awareness of remote viewing as an innate human ability.

In the early 1980's Robert Monroe's patented Hemi-sync audio guidance technique was used by government remote viewers who found that this training process enhanced their skills. When Monroe's basic blueprint was incorporated with five basic behaviors common to successful remote viewers: relaxing, connecting, listening, becoming aware and reporting - performance consistency improved. With practice, remote viewers could learn to willfully and reliably enter propitious levels of consciousness with the aid of Hemi-sync technology. Over 20 years later, this unique performance-boosting training is now available to the public.

Freedom #3: Vectors - reference points for easy movement.
Learn to use your "REBA" to give you practice in going and returning with a sense of direction. Learn to recognize the feelings associated with perceiving beyond your physical body. Experiment with different vectors. and Make these techniques your own - experiment with them; establish and practice with additional reference points. Eventually you will be able to use this learning in all your explorations.

Freedom #4: Five Questions - answers from your total self
Who am I? Where and who was I before I entered this physical existence? What is my purpose for this existence in physical matter reality? What action can I now take to serve this purpose best? What is the most important message I can receive and understand at this point in my existence?

Don't anticipate verbal answers. Keep in mind the various perceptual methods you have been experiencing and open your awareness to kinesthetic sensations, emotions, a sense of "knowing" or images.

The questions are only a beginning. As you continue to practice this exercise you can substitute your own and repeat any question for clarification or fuller understanding.

Freedom #5: Energy Food - absorb nonphysical energy
Energy Food teaches you a method for restoring depleted energy in C-1; it is an encoding of the process rather than actual application.

Freedom #6: First Stage Separation - explore nonphysical consciousness
First Stage Separation builds on previous exercises to take you farther in consciously controlling your nonphysical energy. Practicing five different methods of dissociation from your physical body provides the opportunity to discover that one is more comfortable for you, or to experiment with combining two or more of these methods. You can return to the physical body by using the Return to C-1" encoding.

Log-Rolling - Focus on rotating and rolling the nonphysical energy within your physical body as if an axis runs through your body from your head to your feet. Reorientation can be easily accomplished by rotating until your nonphysical energy is in alignment with the physical.

Pole - Using you feet as a pivotal point, you are directed to move your nonphysical energy slowly up and out. When your energy feet are the only point of contact, intent is sufficient to accomplish complete separation.

Backing away - you slowly back out and away from your physical body. Once this is achieved, you can turn away and practice directing your movement with the techniques from the Vectors exercise.

Flowing - involves sending out your nonphysical energies. Once separated, this often reforms quite naturally into a replica of your physical body. You can then "jet" away on your EBT, float off inside your REBAL, practice with your vectors, or use any of the other tools you have learned.

Floating - involves an emotional association with the concept of floating or soaring. Once separation is achieved, you can gradually diminish the emotion so other parts of your total self can direct your experience.

Repeated practice in a relaxed state, without expectations, is the best way to achieve comfort and confidence in your ability to separate and return easily and surely.

Detailed list of contents are here:

All files for Wave 1 and 2 (and following parts and waves) in the folder

If you don't know if it is the right thing for you, check out the PDF first (also included in the archives)

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