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Скачать Vicente aleixandre - Antologia personal. бесплатно

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Vicente aleixandre - Antologia personal.
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Spanish poetry | Release year 1996 | 1 Cd | 85 mb | Covers

Vicente Po Marcelino Cirilo Aleixandre y Merlo (April 26, 1898 — December 13, 1984) was a Spanish poet who was born in Seville.[1] Aleixandre was a Nobel Prize laureate for Literature in 1977. He was part of the Generation of '27. He died in Madrid in 1984.

Aleixandre's early poetry, which he wrote mostly in free verse, is highly surrealistic. It also praises the beauty of nature by using symbols that represent the earth and the sea. Many of Aleixandre's early poems are filled with sadness. They reflect his feeling that people have lost the passion and free spirit that he saw in nature.

His early collections of poetry include Passion of the Earth (1935) and Destruction or Love (1933). In 1944, he wrote Shadow of Paradise, the poetry where he first began to concentrate on themes such as fellowship, friendliness, and spiritual unity. His later books of poetry include History of the Heart (1954) and In a Vast Dominion (1962).

Aleixandre studied law at the University of Madrid. Selections of his work were translated into English in Twenty Poems of Vicente Aleixandre (1977).

01. La Fuente (Ingres)
02. Ni¤ez
03. Adolescencia
04. Retrato
05. Mar Y Noche
06. F bula Que No Duele
07. El Vals
08. Cancin A Una Muchacha Muerta
09. El Escarabajo
10. La Muerte
11. Nacimiento Del Amor
12. Ciudad Del Paraiso
13. No Existe El Hombre
14. El Enterrado
15. Las Barandas
16. Al Sue¤o
17. Como El Vilano
18. Ten Esperanza
19. En La Plaza
20. Para Qui‚n Escribo
21. Rostro Final



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