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Скачать Strategies For Success: Zig Ziglar's Blueprint for Personal and Professional Development бесплатно

16 апреля 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Аудиокниги » Иностранные языки | Комментариев: 0

Strategies For Success: Zig Ziglar's Blueprint for Personal and Professional Development
Ziglar Training Systems | MP3 160 Kbps | 2006 | 6 hr 23 min | 447 Mb

A highly successful entrepreneur wanted to create a different kind of company - a company that would help others as well as encouraging the people employed by the company to personally thrive. And, of course, the company would benefit in the form of financial success. Over several years, this entrepreneur discovered that no matter how clear her vision, it would not create itself. Success requires planning and preparing people to meet the expectations of both internal and external customers. Consistent achievement over time necessitates helping people to expect more so they can become more. She realized most people don't naturally think that way and that she needed outside help. And she knew instinctively that only a model that was compelling and could raise standards across the entire company would be acceptable.

Every company wants to succeed. The difference between the ones that will and the ones that won't is very simple. The answer lies in the parts that make up the whole. Each of your employees has the potential to tap into True Performance. By incrementally increasing each person's performance, your company can experience dramatic results.

Your employees are your company's ambassadors to the world. Each person represents the attitudes, abilities and qualities of your organization. What are your employees saying about your company? Does their professionalism exhibit excellence and a successful mindset?

Maximizing success characteristics is essential for high-performing companies. The formula for achieving success can be described by three action-oriented steps: plan, prepare, and expect to succeed.

Ziglar's Strategies for Success was created with a focus on helping your people succeed. This program is designed to help each person in your organization grow personally and professionally in four critical areas: qualities, abilities, skills, and attitudes. By focusing on these core areas, your company gains characteristics of success, professionalism, excellence, and perhaps the very best return of all: improved overall performance. Other tangible results include improved internal and external customer relations and employees who energetically live your company's mission and vision.

Building a Healthy Self-image
Why self-image and success are interwoven
How self-image relates to happiness and accomplishments
The steps to achieving a healthy self-image
How you can and why you should feel good about yourself
Why healthy self-image = consistent performance

Developing and Maintaining the Right Attitude
Why your attitude makes the difference
What the right attitude enables you to do
The formula for keeping the right attitude
Why attitude counts in every area of life

Building Winning Relationships
Relationships - the key to health and happiness
A relationship philosophy
Family relationships
Career relationships
Steps to having successful relationships

Hope: The Foundation for Successful Change
Why hope is the activator
Making radical changes in minute steps
Why you can do something now
Why failure is an event and success is a process
How to keep on pumping

The Goals Program: Why a Goals Program is a MUST
Reasons people don't have goals
Why goals programs will make you happier and healthier
How to set your goals
How to reach your goals



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