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Скачать Interaction design бесплатно

Interaction design

2002,ISBN 0471492787,18.9MB, 551 pages. pdf.english

This textbook is for undergraduate and masters students from a range of backgrounds studying classes in human-computer interaction, interaction design, web design, etc. A broad range of professionals and technology users will also find this book useful, and so will graduate students who are moving into this area from related disciplines.
Our book is called Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction because it is concerned with a broader scope of issues, topics, and paradigms than has traditionally been the scope of human-computer interaction (HCI). This reflects the exciting times we are living in, when there has never been a greater need for interaction designers and usability engineers to develop current and next-generation interactive technologies. To be successful they will need a mixed set of skills from psychology, human-computer interaction, web design, computer science, information systems, marketing, entertainment, and business.

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