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Скачать Vue 7: From The Ground Up бесплатно

Vue 7: From The Ground Up
Автор: Ami Chopine, Vladimir Chopine
Название: Vue 7: From The Ground Up by
Год: 2009
Формат: pdf
Размер: 21,5 Mb

Learn to create stunning 3D scenery and environments in Vue with this authoritative guide from the founders of GeekAtPlay.com.

Product Description
Create lush terrains and atmospheres in Vue and enhance your knowledge of all the features in this software such as lighting, cameras, and Python scripting. Ami and Vladimir Chopine, from GeetAtPlay.com guide you through 17 stand-alone tutorials, each with a different focus on the key components of Vue. The companion website includes brand new video tutorials from Geekatplay as well as materials, atmosphere settings, image maps, models, project files, and completed images and animations.

* This officially certified guide takes you through the basic principles to lay a foundation for more advanced concepts such as the function editor, the new Metanodes, software integration, and Python scripting
*Companion website includes new video tutorials from GeekAtPlay.com, as well as project files, images, atmosphere settings, materials, models, image maps, and animations
*Written by Ami & Vladimir Chopine - the founders of GeekAtPlay.com


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