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Скачать Daim: Daring to Push the Boundaries бесплатно

Daim: Daring to Push the Boundaries
Title: Daim: Daring to Push the Boundaries
Author: Daim
Publisher: Publikat Verlags
Year: 2006
ISBN: 3939566020
Pages: 56*2
Format: PDF
Language: English/German
Size: 76 Mb

To bring his name into harmony, Germany's 3D-virtuoso DAIM prefers to take graffiti in the "unusual" direction. It seems as if his four letters jump off the walls, explode onto canvases, explore natural environments, and come to life as sculptures. In this printed gallery, DAIM's versatile techniques and range of artistic motifs become clear: the strange glances of exotic fishes, a gas mask viewed from different angles, complex abstractions of his name, acrylics here, drawings there, all executed with a master's control of color, light and shadow. DAIM attributes his success to his collaboration with other artists. All the unique contributions in graffiti art assure him in establishing this young and energetic movement in the international art world.


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