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Скачать Basic Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering бесплатно

Basic Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering By Kamalesh Kumar
Publisher: New Age International 2008 | EAN:9788122420791 ISBN: 9788122426205 | PDF | 4 MB

A basic textbook on geotechnical earthquake engineering. It is lucidly written and is suitable for undergraduate as well as first year postgraduate course in civil engineering with soil mechanics and foundation engineering at undergraduate level as prerequisite.

Key Features:
Subject matter is organised logically to make it easy and interesting for the students.
Emphasis has been given on the basics of geotechnical earthquake engineering.
Home work problems have been given at the end of each chapter to test the understanding of concepts given in the chapter.
At the end of appropriate chapters solved numerical problems as well as exercise numerical problems as home work problems have also been to make the related concepts clear.
About the Author(s):
Dr. Kamalesh Kumar
is with civil engineering, Biria Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan. He obtained his B. Tech. degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and M. S. degree from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA. He completed his Ph. D. from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan in 2002. He has research publications in one international conference, three national conferences and two national journals. He has contributed chapter on geotechnical earthquake engineering for the lecture notes developed by civil engineering group, BITS Pilani for earthquake risk management. His area of specialization is geotechnical engineering. He is actively involved in the soil consultancy projects to determine its bearing capacity. He is member of Phi-Beta-Delta honour society for international scholars.

Introduction to Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Seismic Hazards in India
Dynamic Soil Properties
Site Seismicity, Seismic Soil Response and Design Earthquake
Earthquake Resistant Design for Shallow Foundation
Earthquake Resistant Design of Deep Foundation
Slope Stability Analyses for Earthquakes
Retaining Wall Analyses for Earthquakes
Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings

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