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Скачать What Architects & Industrial Designers Can Teach Each Other About Managing the Design Process бесплатно

W. Poelman "What Architects & Industrial Designers Can Teach Each Other About Managing the Design Process"
IOS Press | 2008-12-15 | ISBN: 1586039458 | 128 pages | PDF | 3 MB

Nowadays, the script of life is for a large part written by architects and designers. Urban planning decides how we spread our activities geographical. The design of modern residential districts determines for a large part how we communicate with each other. The design of shopping centers determines how we acquire our food. Designers for means of transport decide how we move ourselves and kitchen designers decide how we cook. All this has to do with the mechanisms of technology diffusion which will be elaborated on in this publication. The main issues discussed are the contemporary inter-relationship of industrial design and architecture and a confrontation of contemporary design practice in both domains with academic theory and education. The cases used for this publication provide several examples of the various characters of design processes. The subjects of the cases discussed in Design Processes are design processes in general, visualization as a design tool, project management, social complexity collaboration, decision making and technology diffusion.

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