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Скачать Mastering Maya 3 бесплатно

Mastering Maya 3 by John L. Kundert-Gibbs, Peter Lee
Publisher: Sybex Inc; 1st edition (March 2001) | 800 pages | ISBN: 0782128351 | PDF | 29 MB

Digital artists are hungry to learn Maya, and this update of the best-selling Maya book on the market delivers the most comprehensive coverage available on the latest technology, Maya Complete X. Maya is an all-in-one intuitive application for modeling, rendering, and animating 3D productions. Written by a top-notch team of professional digital artists, Mastering Maya Complete X is loaded with hands-on projects that teach a wide range of Maya concepts. The book features a full-color insert illustrating the true effects of the techniques shown, plus a CD with files relating to all the projects discussed in the book.

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