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Скачать Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects бесплатно

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects (Dv Expert Series) By Trish Meyer, Chris Meyer
Publisher: CMP Books 2000-05-15 | 477 Pages | ISBN: 0879306068 | PDF | 20 MB

Discover the experts' techniques for creating award-winning animation, composites and special effects for TV, film and more-with Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects by Trish and Chris Meyer. Dozens of inspiring examples help you break through to new heights of creativity and proficiency.

This color-packed book starts with the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects 4.1 and progresses step by step. The authors offer real-world explanations of how the program works, and a CD-ROM of example projects showing each concept in action. Hands-on tutorials demonstrate creative techniques, shortcuts, and tricks you can apply to your own art, using both the Standard and Production versions of After Effects.

For users of all levels, topics include:
- Mastering complex animation and keyframe assistants
- Creating transparency with alpha channels, masks and keying
- Transfer modes, rack mattes and numerous effects tips and tricks
- Building hierarchies of nested compositions
- Working with fields, DV, NTSC, PAL, widescreen and film

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