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Скачать Microsoft Expression Blend Bible (repost) бесплатно

Microsoft Expression Blend Bible
Gurdy Leete, Mary Leete | ISBN: 0470055030 | PDF | 770 pages | 2007 | 13 MB

* Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer will simplify the development of rich, interactive Web applications and this comprehensive reference introduces every tool and characteristic of this new software
* Detailing the ins and outs of the program, veteran authors Gurdy and Mary Leete provide professional Web designers, developers, and serious home users with the know-how they need to create amazing Web sites
* Readers interested in online game development will enjoy the coverage of 3D Web animations-something Flash can't do
* Key topics include working with drawings, text, and 3D objects; adding audio, video, and animation; programming Expression Interactive Designer; and more
* Discusses how to integrate this program with the Vista operating system as well as other components of the Expression suite



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