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Скачать AutoCAD LT 2006: The Definitive Guide бесплатно

AutoCAD LT 2006: The Definitive Guide
Ralph Grabowski | ISBN: 1556228589 | PDF | 496 pages | 2005 | 9 MB

AutoCAD LT 2006: The Definitive Guide introduces the newest version of AutoCAD LT and guides the reader through tutorials for creating landscape drawings and electrical schematics. The tutorials demonstrate setting up new drawings and using basic drawing and editing commands, and then progress to intermediate concepts such as dimensioning, block creation, and attribute extraction. Parts III and IV provide advanced information about CAD management and customization. Readers learn how to network office computers, implement backup strategies, and create drawing standards to make their workflow more efficient. Customizing menus, toolbars, and linetypes and using macros and DIESEL are also discussed. The appendices include a comprehensive list of AutoCAD LT commands and a comparison with the features and commands of AutoCAD 2006.




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