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Скачать Mara - The Summer Country (Eros Graphic Novel, No. 54) бесплатно

Mara - The Summer Country (Eros Graphic Novel, No. 54)
Eros Comix | ISBN: 1560975555 | 2002-10 | JPG | 80 pages | 12 Mb

Mara is pitted against the cruel, puritanical Captain Collum for the love of his daughter. Witch Hunter Callum and his men finally get their paws on poor little Mara. They strip her naked and throw her deep into the dungeons, where she suffers all the cruelest tortures an inquisition has to offer...Does she give in? Not our Mara - she holds strong and pushes back: pushing the torturer to his limits! While her strange magical powers build, Callum's selfrighteous anger pushes him to dementia, and the climax is destined to be horrific. Who will prevail in the end? Will it be Mara the barefoot and barebreasted witch, her young sapphic lover, Lizzie, or the nefarious Callum? This volume complete the story serialized in the Mara: Summer Country comic series. The sensual prose and stunning art will please both the hard-core Mara fans and the casual lover of erotic fantasy.

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