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Скачать iPhoto '09 Portable Genius бесплатно

iPhoto '09 Portable Genius By Brad Miser
Publisher: Wiley 2009-03-30 | 352 Pages | ISBN: 0470475692 | PDF | 22 MB

Get the clear picture of the hottest features of iPhoto '09

As Apple's software program for importing, arranging, editing, and sharing digital images, iPhoto '09 is an incredibly popular way of organizing your life in photos. Convenient and concise, this guide presents you with essential coverage of the key skills, tools, and shortcuts that can help you get the most out of what iPhoto has to offer.

The no-nonsense but friendly writing style provides facts, tips, and secrets to aspects of iPhoto that you may not discover soley by experimenting with the program. You'll also discover unique and innovative ways to save yourself time and hassle.

* Shares valuable advice on organizing, managing, and editing your photos
* Offers straightforward, useful information on iPhoto' 09 in an accesible manner
* Provides tips, tricks, and secrets to perform tasks that you may not have discovered on your own

This handy resource provides you with only the most essential information so you can quickly get the most out of iPhoto.

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