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Скачать The Architecture and Art of Early Hispanic Colorado бесплатно

The Architecture and Art of Early Hispanic Colorado By Robert Adams
Publisher: University Press of Colorado 1998-10 | 234 Pages | ISBN: 0870814648 | PDF (OCR from html) | 5.6 MB

First published in 1974, when it was awarded the Western Heritage Wrangler Award from the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, this remains the only extensive survey of Hispanic building and art on the late Colorado frontier. Because most of the villages where the author found his subjects are now either abandoned or transformed by developers, the book is likely to stand as the only full visual record of what Spanish Americans along the southern border of the state produced. Accompanying the eighty-five full page photographs is a text that briefly outlines the history of pioneer immigration from New Mexico, and describes the way adobe buildings were constructed and other artifacts made.

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