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Скачать Soft-Edge Piecing: Add the Elegance of Applique to Traditional-Style Patchwork Design бесплатно

Soft-Edge Piecing: Add the Elegance of Applique to Traditional-Style Patchwork Design
Watson-Guptill Publications | 1995 | ISBN: 0914881949 | Pages: 144 | DJVU | 8.35 MB

Challenging herself to find a way to incorporate into a new quilt a paisley design that had all the right colors but whose pattern was too pretty to obscure, noted quilter and teacher Jinny Beyer was inspired to invent the unusual and striking soft-edge piecing technique. Resembling the kaleidoscope quilt, this innovative approach allows the quilter to add a unique dimension to more traditional patchwork by adapting portions of the block to accommodate the geometry of elegant and colorful prints. By utilizing bold border prints and fabrics with strongly hued allover patterns, Beyer lets the pattern of each material dictate the boundaries of the pieced design. This beautifully presented book explains the method clearly, and the photos do justice to Beyer's exquisite sense of color and wonderful design abilities--her fabrics speak eloquently. The intricate appearance of the finished product belies the basic simplicity of the technique; somewhat more difficult may be the ability to look at fabrics in this new way to invent fresh design possibilities. But a general acquaintance with quilting and piecing techniques combined with the help of this terrific book should be enough to produce a truly dynamic quilt. --Amy Handy

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