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Скачать 50 Fast Photoshop CS Techniques, by Gregory Georges бесплатно

50 Fast Photoshop CS Techniques, by Gregory Georges
Wiley | February 16, 2004 | English | ISBN: 0764541749 | PDF | 383 Pages | 37,3 Mb

Description : "All Photoshop books should have this level of image quality and step-by-step instructions."
— George Lepp, internationally acclaimed nature photographer. If you’re eager to enhance your photos and create breathtaking effects with the world’s leading digital imaging tool, this book shows you how to achieve 50 terrific effects quickly and easily. Fully updated for Photoshop CS, it covers both Windows® and Mac® versions and illustrates not only how to perform magic with photographs, but also how to set up Photoshop CS for greater efficiency and how to use the tools effectively.

Your guide to amazing results with Photoshop CS.
-Fix flaws, correct colors, reveal detail in shadows and highlights, and sharpen images
-Convert RAW images with Adobe® Camera RAW™ and achieve accurate color when using a GretagMacbeth ColorChecker™.
-Restore, retouch, tone, add texture effects, and hand-color portraits.
-Learn how to effectively use plug-ins to supplement Photoshop CS’s features.
-Build an online photo gallery with image maps, animated Web banners, image roll-overs, and superb Web images.

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