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Скачать Ron Ranson On Skies: Techniques In Watercolor And Other Media бесплатно

Ron Ranson On Skies: Techniques In Watercolor And Other Media
Sterling | ISBN: 0289801753 | June 1998 | 128 Pages | 15 Mb

A prolific author of how-to-paint books, Ranson has created a valuable work on a topic that is, at best, treated as only a chapter elsewhere. Skies are often neglected by nonprofessional artists or are done quickly in one of a few repeated patterns. Ranson, who has painted skies from Norway to Borneo, begins with an excellent photo-essay that will change the way most artists perceive this part of their paintings. From golden sunlight through the darkness and drama of storms to haze and varieties of fog, examples teach the reader to use observation of the sky to add depth and richness to landscapes. Ranson brings considerable talent and enthusiasm to this highly recommended title.

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