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Скачать Digital Photography for Teens, by Marc Campbell, Dave Long бесплатно

Digital Photography for Teens, by Marc Campbell, Dave Long
Course Technology PTR; 1 edition | December 21, 2006 | English | ISBN: 1598632957 | PDF | 305 Pages | 14,1 Mb

Description : Don`t be fooled by the title. Digital Photography for Teens doesn`t make a half-hearted attempt at teaching the fundamentals of digital photography. It doesn`t stop at the basics and it doesn`t assume that as a teen, you aren`t capable of tackling advanced topics. Instead, it focuses on the things that teens want to get out of digital photography. Photography is a technical field, and this book covers numerous aspects of shooting great photographs. Each chapter builds upon skills developed in the previous chapters, following the natural process of digital photography: setting up the shot, taking the picture, transferring it to your computer, editing it, and prepping it for the screen or print. If you`re ready to progress beyond snapping simple pictures, then your journey starts here!

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