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Скачать The Role of the Chemist in Automotive Design бесплатно

H. K. Phlegm "The Role of the Chemist in Automotive Design"
CRC | English | 2009-06-18 | ISBN: 1420071882 | 216 pages | PDF | 5,4 MB

Today’s engineering applications require material knowledge above and beyond that of most mechanical engineers. Polymers are being increasingly used to help make vehicles lighter, more cost effective, and more environmentally friendly. New technologies such as engineering polymers, polymer films in fuel cells, microcellular foams, and CO2 AC systems drive this need. This book demonstrates how chemists are filling the role of design engineer in the automotive industry. With over 20 years of vehicle design and laboratory experience, the author explores the effect that chemists are having in all phases of automotive design, providing valuable information for students and engineers.

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