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Скачать Paint Along with Jerry Yarnell (1): Painting Basics бесплатно

Paint Along with Jerry Yarnell (1): Painting Basics By Jerry Yarnell
Publisher: North Light Books 2001 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 1581800363 | PDF | 59 MB

This book is all about having a great time painting! The first book in a wonderful new series, Painting Basics makes painting landscapes easy! Readers will experience the joy of painting for pure pleasure as Jerry Yarnell guides them through each step of the 10 detailed step-by-step projects. No previous experience is necessary. All the artist has to do is follow along with Jerry to create a beautiful landscape in acrylics in 15 steps. The first book begins with a short introduction then guides the reader in the selection of the right paints, tools, and surfaces, along with just enough background information to make following Jerry's step-by-step instructions even easier and more fun.

About the Author
Terry Yarnell is the featured artist in the highly acclaimed PBS instructional series, "The Inspiration of Painting." His unique style and technique appeal to painters across the country.


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