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Скачать 4000 Animal, Bird And Fish Motifs бесплатно

4000 Animal, Bird And Fish Motifs
Graham Leslie McCallum | 383 pages | 2008 | ISBN: 0713489391 | JPEG | 158 MB

With the same hallmarks of the author's successful 4,000 Flower and Plant Motifs, this unique source of zoomorphic motifs will thrill animal-loving crafters everywhere. The images in this sourcebook--presented in a variety of artistic styles and from a range of cultures--are organized around specific types of animal, as well as historical periods, for easy reference. All the high-quality and original illustrations are displayed so they can be enlarged, scanned, or photocopied for work in any creative pursuit, whether it's embroidery, quilting, graphic design, or other fields. Finally, an introductory design class by the author shows readers how to get the most out of the artwork and make their projects come to vivid life.

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